A time has come to end one of the larger story branches in Gloomhaven world – the Sewers Campaign. It takes place under the town and is performed at the City Guard request. Not as heroic as fighting the Dragon, Daemons or Night Creatures but equally rewarding and sometimes – pretty demanding.

Our Gloomhaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Black Barrow, #2 Barrow Lair, #3 Inox Encampment, #69 Well of the Unfortunate, #4 Crypt of the Damned, #5 Ruinous Crypt, #93 Sunken Vessel, #10 Plane of Elemental Power, #21 Infernal Throne, #14 Frozen Hollow, #19 Forgotten Crypt, #27 Ruinous Rift, #8 Gloomhaven Warehouse, #7 Vibrant Grotto, #20 Necromancer's Sanctum, #6 Decaying Crypt, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber, #94 Vermling Nest, #95 Payment Due, #13 Temple of the Seer, #16 Mountain Pass, #43 Drake's Nest, #18 Abandoned Sewers, #25 Icecrag Asent, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber (#3), #29 Sanctuary of Gloom, #55 Foggy Thicket, #56 Bandit's Wood, #72 Ozing Grove, #59 Forgotten Grove, #60 Alchemy Lab, #22 Temple of Elements, Solo Scenarios, #81 Temple of Eclipse, #24 Echo Chamber, #15 Shrine of Strength, #33 Savvas Armory, #32 Decrepit Wood, #43 Drake's Nest (#2), #23 Deep Ruins, #26 Ancient Cistern

We started this scenario (#26 Ancient Cistern) immediately after #23 Deep Ruins, upgrading difficulty level to Very Hard – which means monsters on Level 7. This was because our 3-players group was maxed out, killing machine and we were not afraid to face monsters event at the peak of their abilities:

  • me – playing level 9 Scoundrel
  • Kuba J – playing level 9 Soothsinger
  • Kuba G – playing level 9 Sunkeeper

The scenario goal was to cleanse all water pumps – not the most sexy goal but a needed one! But before we get to that, we would need to storm through four rooms, fully packed with ferocious monsters. One of them was especially problematic, being able to spawn new ones:

Ooze is a large mass of decaying material, shielded, poisoning, with range. As we shall see, it will cause a lot of problems for us! Without further delay, let me invite you to picture-rich session report  (you can click on every picture to enlarge it).


That was much more difficult adventure than we expected. We got delayed in the first room, blocked and overrun with Oozes in the second one. The time was ticking so the last stage was simply running for victory despite all the enemies in the room. It worked out despite some losses on our side.

With that campaign wrapped-up – and huge reputation boost thanks to assisting the city – we now seriously contemplate reaching to the scenarios of the mainly plot which will put us at the inevitable collision course with Gloom. Yes, we think about gradually ending the game! Those adventures will be much more demanding than what you see above and as all of us are pretty close to retirement – might require playing with completely new characters. Which will be a challenge but I am sure we will manage!