Our Gloomhaven Campaign:
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It was not surprising – Gloomhaven addiction also got us! We started to play last week – see our first scenario Gloomhaven #1 Black Barrow – and we felt the urge to continue. So without further adieu, let us plunge in the immerse world of Gloom!


We continue in set-up of:

  • me – playing Brute
  • Kuba J – playing Spellweaver
  • Kuba G – playing Tinkerer
So, the Scenario #2 is direct continuation of #1 – we just got to the crypt. Initial room – only 3 archers?
We dealt with them swiftly and efficiently, took a long rest expecting something really bad behind doors…
…and we were not disappointed. A first Boss – Bandit Leader. Let us show him who we are! I used my superb move, added boots rushed into the room, used special ability to attack with strength of move – in total 8 superb result on Level 1! – and… and… and… draw a curse for attack roll, inflicting 0 (zero) damage…
After that unlucky roll I managed to survive the turn and then my colleagues – and their summons come with help. We had to wait pretty long before the Boss opened room with treasure.
Balancing between Zombies and Skeletons, trying to get treasure, kill Boss – whoa, that was difficult but in the end possible.

Surprisingly, that was easier then Scenario #1 – in initial encounter I dropped to 2HP three times and here only once. Definitely, we got better understanding of our characters and also we cooperated much more efficiently. We have from 30 XP (Spellweaver) to 38 (my Brute) so it seems that Level 2 (45 XP) is within our reach after next game.

Now we have 3 scenarios to choose – main plot one, from documents we should not look at and extra one as reward for treasury in initial Scenario. Which to choose??? We shall see tomorrow…

Our Gloomhaven Campaign:
Scenario#1 => Scenario#2 => Scenario#3 => Scenario#69