Can a Mercenary be a Good Citizen? Well, if appropriately paid, why not! He can even take on a job to clean the sewers if the incentive is tempting enough. With that in mind our merry Gloomhaven companion decided to penetrate the Abandoned Sewers underneath the city:


How did it go? Had to deal with tons of small, nasty and irritating monsters running on the floor which you really need to nail down in order to dispatch. But we managed 🙂

Our Gloomhaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Black Barrow, #2 Barrow Lair, #3 Inox Encampment, #69 Well of the Unfortunate, #4 Crypt of the Damned, #5 Ruinous Crypt, #93 Sunken Vessel, #10 Plane of Elemental Power, #21 Infernal Throne, #14 Frozen Hollow, #19 Forgotten Crypt, #27 Ruinous Rift, #8 Gloomhaven Warehouse, #7 Vibrant Grotto, #20 Necromancer's Sanctum, #6 Decaying Crypt, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber, #94 Vermling Nest, #95 Payment Due, #13 Temple of the Seer, #16 Mountain Pass, #43 Drake's Nest, #18 Abandoned Sewers, #25 Icecrag Asent, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber (#3), #29 Sanctuary of Gloom, #55 Foggy Thicket, #56 Bandit's Wood, #72 Ozing Grove

One important comment before we go into the session report. As our Tinkerer has a pretty tough retirement mission, Kuba G decided to start a new character – Sunkeeper – filling the gap of the badly needed tank / front-end character (oh Brute, where are you???).

So the composition was following:

  • me – playing Doomstalker – currently level 5
  • Kuba J – playing Spellweaver currently level 8 
  • Kuba G – playing Sunkeeper– level 4 (a character just created!)

Let us now immerse ourselves into the our adventure:

Only three rooms? Should be easy! (click to enlarge)
Ok, maybe only three rooms but the number of creatures can be overwhelming (click to enlarge)
But we have our new front-man, he will spear-head the company! (click to enlarge)
And so we did – the monsters were falling by tons, Sunkeeper leading the way and we dealing the damage from behind (click to enlarge)
Unfortunately, the creatures in second chamber were much more nasty – especially Oozes – tough, attacking with poison and being able to summon their colleagues (click to enlarge)
It was hard fight, Sunkeeper being 1 HP from being dead, we in the end we prevailed (click to enlarge)
When we saw the third room we knew it will not be a piece of cake. 9 monsters, out of which 4 were Oozes. We started to pick them one by one but the worst moment was just about to come.(click to enlarge)
Do you know that Oozes can Loot? And they can loot a treasure. We were very close to this happening but appropriate moves of our characters – and some sacrifices of the team – prevented this. Anyhow, in the end only one man was standing (Doomstalker) but scenario was won.
Speaking of Doomstalker – he really got greedy in that scenario…

In the end that adventure proved to be more difficult then expected. As always, we play on Hard level, but thanks to lower level of Sunkeeper, we have monsters on Lvl4. That really helped – there was so many of them that you really can have problems to dispatch all of them. But we did!