Our Gloomhaven Campaign:
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So our epic journey continues. This time we decided for a small detour with ambition to play bonus scenario which we got for one of the treasures in early plays. So Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to:


Let me bring to you our climactic struggle with Golems, Spirits and Vermlings in a form of photo report.

We agreed poor many to bring the doll of his daughter to Fortunate Well. She is sick and that should help her… But scenario does not start for me well – Vermling Shamans put Disarm and then Muddle on me…
First room is full of small creatures, most annoying of which are 3-shields Shamans! And to get to well we need to open the dors.
After some time, even most versatile creatures succumb to our force and die. And now is a time to find that pressure plate which opens the doors to the well….
What! Another 5 Vermlings and two traps. Ok guys, let us jump. push and kill! Uff, hopefully now it will be easier.
(sic!) Nope, not easier at all. Golems are slow but very powerful and imps can curse you!
Full-blown fight ensues. I am Level 2 so using “Fatal Advance” I outright kill one Golem.
My superb team (Kuba G – Tinkerer an Kuba J – Spellweaver) manage to clean the room while I run headlong through corridor, with full speed trampling one of the spirits and throwing the doll to the well.
Mission accomplished! We all get gold, much experience and are ready to come back to the main story line. And as for the poor girl and her father? Well, just play that scenario to see how did it finish!

Our Gloomhaven Campaign:
Scenario#1 => Scenario#2 => Scenario#3 => Scenario#69