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Dear Friend,

My name is Michael, I am based in Warsaw, Poland and I have been playing board games since my youth, being firstly attracted to strategy and economy themed ones. As I always loved history it was only matter of time before I finally drifted towards my preferred type, i.e. Historical Wargames. That passion of mine urged me to express my hobby in more tangible way, thus The Boardgames Chronicle blog was created. Now I am both happy wargames player and content creator who enjoys replying – and possibly changing – the history!

Part of my collection – mainly recently played positions

As you will see in my articles, I love GMT Games productions, but I am pretty open also for other publishers. I tend to write a lot of After Action Reports (AARs) as then me and my friends can have a look back into the past at what we did and how it went. You will also find some strategy tips, reviews and unboxings on my site. I hope you will enjoy it!

EUROgames, WARgames – I like you all!

I am open for any suggestions / tips / comments. If you have idea for some specific article you would like to see on my blog – just use CONTACT form and let me know.

Have a great read!

Best Regards,


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