Finally! After 8-months break we again had a chance to spend wonderful time in the world of Gloomhaven. Our last meeting was in October and we indeed were yearning to play again! No digital version will replace the face-to-face experience – although I admit I spent some time with computer version of the game in the last months 🙂

Our Gloomhaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Black Barrow, #2 Barrow Lair, #3 Inox Encampment, #69 Well of the Unfortunate, #4 Crypt of the Damned, #5 Ruinous Crypt, #93 Sunken Vessel, #10 Plane of Elemental Power, #21 Infernal Throne, #14 Frozen Hollow, #19 Forgotten Crypt, #27 Ruinous Rift, #8 Gloomhaven Warehouse, #7 Vibrant Grotto, #20 Necromancer's Sanctum, #6 Decaying Crypt, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber, #94 Vermling Nest, #95 Payment Due, #13 Temple of the Seer, #16 Mountain Pass, #43 Drake's Nest, #18 Abandoned Sewers, #25 Icecrag Asent, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber (#3), #29 Sanctuary of Gloom, #55 Foggy Thicket, #56 Bandit's Wood, #72 Ozing Grove, #59 Forgotten Grove, #60 Alchemy Lab, #22 Temple of Elements, Solo Scenarios, #81 Temple of Eclipse, #24 Echo Chamber, #15 Shrine of Strength, #33 Savvas Armory, #32 Decrepit Wood, #43 Drake's Nest (#2), #23 Deep Ruins

Gloomhaven – as every large city – has it sewers and its problems with its system. We pursued that campaign for some scenarios already and we were getting closer to the source of issue. That adventure #23 Deep Ruins should bring us to the heart of the Gloomhaven sewer system which we hope to clean of all monsters once and for all.

We planned to play in full, 4-players group but only 3 of us were available. Still, after last levels-up of my Scoundrel and Kuba G. Sunkeeper, we had the most experienced team possible:

  • me – playing level 9 Scoundrel
  • Kuba J – playing level 9 Soothsinger
  • Kuba G – playing level 9 Sunkeeper

The scenario goal was to occupy 3 pressure plates simultaneously – of course, they will be placed in separate rooms, full of enemies! Seemed like not so easy task, as we will need to split our three-adventure group and somebody has to be alone – guess who that will be 🙂 Also, as we played first time after 8 months we decided to use level Hard, not an usual Very Hard. Let us see in my photo-rich session report how it went! (you can click on every picture to enlarge it)


That was fantastic to come back to the world of Gloomhaven! Indeed, playing level Hard (translating into scenario level 6) with all level 9 characters was a little bit too easy, but that was not a problem as we anyhow immediately started next scenario on higher difficulty level 🙂

I have to admit – we have great team composition now. With tank, support and damage dealer, tackling even the most difficult scenario is not a problem. Of course, knowing your cards and using some combos is a key here – there was one such which really assisted us. Please see below:

After that fantastic warm-up we set-up more challenging #26 Ancient Cistern, which concluded the Sewers Campaign. What mysteries we discovered there I will describe in my next post! Stay tuned!