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As it occurred, my wife went for a business trip so I had two evenings in a row to play Gloomhaven! This time we planned to further check the strange cult and elemental powers accompanying it – instead of fighting with Jekserah or assisting her.

Our set-up this time was following at the beginning of the scenario:

    • me – playing Brute – currenlty level 3
    • Kuba J – playing Spellweaver – currenlty level 3
    • Kuba G – playing Tinkerer – currenlty level 2

And the scenario:


Pretty straightforward goal – so let us begin!

The scenario beginning finds us in disarmed state. Well, not the best start but at least gives us clear idea what to do in first turn – push and pull in order to activate four traps around doors.
It takes a while but in the end first room is cleaned. We learned from previous scenario and did not allowed Cultists to summon Living Bones. Now we had a dilemma – we have two equidistant rooms and after clearing one, we would need to move back all the way back. Good card planing will be needed…
So we went for the room to the right, full of Ice Demons and Living bones. Again, some time spent here and… we are getting thin on cards but we still need to run back to the room on left.
At least here we can start burning our cards. My Brute and Jakub’s G Tinkerer managed to create a really good combo – I am using “Kill instantly normal enemy”, he recovers it back from lost, and then I kill again. Especially efficient against high shield Fire demons…

Again, we played one level above then suggested in the book (Level 3 not Level 2),. That was tense, close to defeat but still doable. In the next scenario we tried normal level, but that – as you will see – was not such a great fun…

Our Gloomhaven Campaign:
Scenario#1 => Scenario#2 => Scenario#3 => Scenario#69 => Scenario#4
=> Scenario #5