Designer and creator of the Gloomhaven – Isaac Childres – never stops to positively surprise the community of that great game. One of the best examples are the Solo Scenarios for all 17 characters which he created – they can be found in that BGG thread, or directly on Google Drive.

You must be at least at prosperity 3 and have 2 retired characters to unlock them. But it is worth it! Each of them gives not only additional experience and money but also unique class items.

Our Gloomhaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Black Barrow, #2 Barrow Lair, #3 Inox Encampment, #69 Well of the Unfortunate, #4 Crypt of the Damned, #5 Ruinous Crypt, #93 Sunken Vessel, #10 Plane of Elemental Power, #21 Infernal Throne, #14 Frozen Hollow, #19 Forgotten Crypt, #27 Ruinous Rift, #8 Gloomhaven Warehouse, #7 Vibrant Grotto, #20 Necromancer's Sanctum, #6 Decaying Crypt, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber, #94 Vermling Nest, #95 Payment Due, #13 Temple of the Seer, #16 Mountain Pass, #43 Drake's Nest, #18 Abandoned Sewers, #25 Icecrag Asent, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber (#3), #29 Sanctuary of Gloom, #55 Foggy Thicket, #56 Bandit's Wood, #72 Ozing Grove, #59 Forgotten Grove, #60 Alchemy Lab, #22 Temple of Elements, Solo Scenarios

When we discovered that fantastic addition to the main game, we decided we have to try it. So everybody from our 3-players team already attempted – sometimes multiple times – his scenario. Let us see how it went – I unfortunately have pictures only from my adventure.

Michal (Scoundrel)


I was the first one to play my mission. The idea was to plunder an armory – I have one friendly NPC with 35-40 HPs (depending on difficulty). He was key to many of my cards as they require enemies to be adjacent to my ally.

I started on Very Hard level but lost on last enemy. Another attempt on Hard also failed, but the third and last try on Hard was a success. In those scenarios you really have to plan well ahead.

Scoundrel scenario set-up. Wait, what that small, black guy is doing on the map? Well, I forgot to borrow the Scoundrel figure so needed some replacement 🙂
First room was piece of cake – two instant kills.
In second room I used the traps and achieved my personal best – 64 HP damage! (I used card which gives bonus for shield – and here Golem has 7 Armour, so the base attack was 2+7*2 = 16; times two and again times two…)
The last room was masterpiece of planning – one more turn and I would be dead.
Scenario barely won.

That was a relief – after 3 attempts I finally succeeded. The ROOT Vagabond definitely brought me a lot of luck in the end!

KubaJ (Soothsinger)


The second to attempt a solo mission was our Soothsinger. He was even more dependent on his allies than I was – 6 allied bandits seems a lot but not when you face multiple shielded guards on Very Hard level…  He also tried with that difficulty and also failed miserably 🙂

Soothsinger mission (click to enlarge)

Another attempt was on Hard. Not only enemies were weaker but the knowledge of the scenario much bigger which allowed Jakub to properly support his allies and in the end – with last very lucky stroke – win the game! More will come in – as usually – comprehensive comment from Jakub 🙂

KubaG (Sunkeeper)


The last one was Sunkeeper – his mission was to defend the caravan – with one room only, but three waves of enemies. Surprise, surprise! KubaG also started on very Hard level – which again, proved to be a deadly trap.

Sunkeeper mission (click to enlarge)

So he downgraded to Hard and this time it went much better – all his allies survived the first round and in consecutive ones the loses were manageable, allowing him to get the so desired Shield!


Solo scenarios are great fun – you can really immerse yourselves in the game and try to solve very hard puzzle. And the rewards are fantastic:

Thank you!