Our Gloomhaven Campaign:
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After short break, we returned to our Gloomhaven campaign. Just to remind everybody, we play in following set-up:

    • me – playing Brute – currenlty level 3
    • Kuba J – playing Spellweaver – currenlty level 2
    • Kuba G – playing Tinkerer – currenlty level 2

As per the rules we shoudl use Level 2 scenario, but we miscalculated and played on Level 3. Well, that was really fun but a very, very challenging one 🙂 Let us have a quick look into:Gloom_#4_01

And below some details what happened:

We start in a room with two Living Bones and two Archers. Piece of cake? Not necessarily… Also because a lot of rooms awaits in front of us.
Clean-up of first room takes too much time and our Spellweaver got impatient – before we kill initial enemies, the doors to next room are being opened, the Cultists invoke six (6!) Living Bones and we are at the verge of replaying the scenario. Well planned assault and invisible obstacle (Spellweaver) allows us to get through it.
Uff, finally main corridor is being cleaned-up but a side door opens with two monstrous enemies – good cards (including my instant kill and disarm) really helps to dispatch them. However, there is one issue – we are running our of time and still one room, far away needs our attention.
At the verge of exhaustion, I am bursting into it, with 8 move and 8 attack the Cultist is smashed into wall and killed instantly…
…the following round the carnage continues, with each one of us killing one enemy and finishing game just before we all got exhausted! What a thrilling finish!

I admit – that was so far most difficult, crazy and demanding scenario we played. But we all agree level of difficulty suits us so we will be experimenting with +1 level!

Our Gloomhaven Campaign:
Scenario#1 => Scenario#2 => Scenario#3 => Scenario#69=> Scenario#4
=> Scenario#5