As this time our Gloomhaven meeting was scheduled for mid-week, we decided to play only one but longer scenario. The idea was to – for the first time – to face dragons! It was continuation of the long ago finished scenario #14 Frozen Hollow which allowed us to travel to the Drake’s Nest.


How did it go? Let us say that was not a perfect game-play from our group and we will need to revisit that area once again 😦

Our Gloomhaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Black Barrow, #2 Barrow Lair, #3 Inox Encampment, #69 Well of the Unfortunate, #4 Crypt of the Damned, #5 Ruinous Crypt, #93 Sunken Vessel, #10 Plane of Elemental Power, #21 Infernal Throne, #14 Frozen Hollow, #19 Forgotten Crypt, #27 Ruinous Rift, #8 Gloomhaven Warehouse, #7 Vibrant Grotto, #20 Necromancer's Sanctum, #6 Decaying Crypt, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber, #94 Vermling Nest, #95 Payment Due, #13 Temple of the Seer, #16 Mountain Pass, #43 Drake's Nest, #18 Abandoned Sewers, #25 Icecrag Asent, #28 Outer Ritual Chamber (#3), #29 Sanctuary of Gloom, #55 Foggy Thicket, #56 Bandit's Wood, #72 Ozing Grove

First of all, the composition of our adventurous team:

  • me – playing Doomstalker – currently level 5 (recently acquired)
  • Kuba J – playing Spellweaver currently level 8 
  • Kuba G – playing Tinkerer currently level 7

Still without tank but we have very concrete plans to change it already on the next session. More to come!

Below photo-report from that exciting adventure – Dragons, especially in the larger groups, can be really deadly:

Six rooms to explore, twelve dragons to be killed – sounds like fun!
Two Elite Fire Daemons – well, with proper equipment this is piece of cake to be dealt immediately!
Second room is pretty densely packed with Dragons ad another two Fire Daemons
They close on us but that is exactly what we wanted – our area-damage attacks quickly dispatch all of them
Room number three – wait, nobody wants to open it? So Doomstalker will do it. And that was HUGE MISTAKE.
My character managed to move back, but we were attacked by three furious creatures and unfortunately – on attack on me they rolled x2 hit number. And as it was just before my short rest, thus Doomstalker WAS KILLED.
Tinkerer and Spellweaver managed to dispatch all Dragons from room three, but room four become a grave for another adventurer – our magician was laying exhausted.
Not all is lost! – screamed Tinkerer, charging alone into the fifth room, filled with four Dragons and Elite Fire Elemental. What a brave man – thought deceased Doomstalker and Spellweaver.
And it was pretty close as only two dragons more had to be killed for the company to win the scenario. The first was quickly overwhelmed, but the second – let us just say that the elemental summoned by Kuba could have better attack modification rolls then above.
In the end, just 2 HP from killing the last needed Dragon, Tinkerer has fallen.
The dust settles in the Drake’s Nest – no live adventurers left the cave today…

Well, that was depressing scenario result but at least we refreshed some rules. We will need to come back here…