Having the game unboxed immediately after its arrival (see here: [UNBOXING] Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! – Kursk 1943) it was only matter of few days before I and one of my wargaming companions sit down and tried the position. I really like the way the way the rulebook is constructed – you read enough rules to be able to play particular missions and you do not have to digest all paragraphs at one time. Great idea!

Our CoH: Storms of Steel campaign:
#1 The Courier’s Satchel
#2 Twilight’s Last Gleam
#3 Wind or Sniper?
#4 Sovkhoz 158
#7 Wounded Tiger

The first mission – #1 The Courier’s Satchel – is of course kind of introductory engagement. It has pretty low number of counters – 6 for USSR and 4 for Germans. The Nazis are attacking the village occupied by Russians, who has a goal to securely deliver the secret documents to the headquarters (building in the center of village). Let us see how the game went – my opponent, leading Russians was Jakub (Kuba) with whom we had pleasure to play numerous wargames so it was obvious the fight will be close! Enjoy below photo-session report!

The situation before game. Four Soviet units occupy the village; German forces enters from left, the secret documents with courier will be on the board in second turn (click to enlarge)
The woods are perfect concealment for my approaching Germans. A focused fire from the infantry managed to pin-down a Russian squad (click to enlarge)
In first Turn Germans approached from left and even managed to dispatch / destroy one of the Russian units. So far so good (1-0 in VPs for Germans)  (click to enlarge)
Second Turn saw a lot of action. German reinforcements entered the map and one more Russian squad was killed. The courier managed to reach headquarters despite running through open terrain! (still 1-0 in VPs for Germans)  (click to enlarge)
Very bloody turn. Another two Russian units destroyed, but also one German Panzergrenadier. On top, Russians are scoring now every turn the points for documents in headquarters. (yet again the score stays at 1-0 in VPs for Germans)  (click to enlarge)
Turn 4 was pretty uneventful, some fire was exchanged, Germans regrouped planning for last turn and final attack (1-0 in VPs for USSR – they started to lead due to the points for documents in HQ)  (click to enlarge)
Here it comes – movement everywhere, fire being exchanged between units, killed soldiers everywhere… (click to enlarge)
Turn 5 saw a desperate but needed German attack on Russian positions which unfortunately resulted in two causalities… (4-0 in VPs for USSR – Kuba wins!)  (click to enlarge)

Well, that was very interesting, light and enjoyable game. You really do not have a feeling of too many rolls and the spent check adds some uncertainty to the game – but balances over the rounds. You definitely need to manage well the cards in your possession as they can be a great surprise to opponent. For sure we will play more games and then, with larger scenarios, will be able to draw more conclusions. See you!