The patient will be rewarded – one may say as far as some boardgames are concerned. That is very true and accurate about Conflict of HeroesStorms of Steel. I pre-ordered the game in May 2016 and after 3.5 years it finally arrived. The game went through thorough re-work during that time, with completely new set of rule being introduced.

So let me share with you first impressions from unboxing of the game – for sure more will come once I play first scenarios!

And now a short peek at the components:

Rulebook, Mission Book and two Kickstarter exclusives (click to enlarge)
Victory Points track and Command Action Points track (click to enlarge)
Chits for both sides and some hit markers (click to enlarge)
Action / Weapon cards (click to enlarge)
The gameplay- first scenario (click to enlarge)

As promised, more articles about Conflict of Heroes – Storms of Steel will come!