Some six or seven months ago I had first chance to familiarize myself with Time of Crisis from GMT Games (see here). I was simply fascinated by the game and couldn’t wait to get more! Later I had a chance to play Vassal campaign and one more face-to-face game, but I knew I need my own copy as I will be using it a lot. When I heard a second printing is coming, bringing also expansion with new cards and bots I was done – I immediately ordered via P500!

The package just arrived – my joy of un-boxing / un-bagging it resulted in below short video:

Also, some pictures from freshly printed game:

Beautiful tokens – not too many of them, just enough to give the game the right feel
New set of cards in expansion – really, that makes the game so much more replayable!

I cannot wait to test the new mechanics, bots and cards! You can be sure Time of Crisis session reports will hit my blog soon!