Some time ago I received a print-and-play version of very cool-looking card game – Dino Duel. I printed it and familiarized myself with this simple but eye-catching and interesting design. Now it is on Kickstarter and as I really like that game – I decided to spread the word.

When you go to the website you would notice, the game was immediately funded! Before very

Publishing Company Discovers New Dinosaurs

And “Brings Fun to Life” in the process

Cleveland, Ohio: A small, start-up publishing company has discovered a link to the past with its party game, Dino Duel.  Dino Duel is a new, strategic, tabletop card game that will put your friendships to the test.  The game, developed by PlaFul,launched its kickstarter campaign March 22-April 26th and will be available for purchase through Kickstarter.  Dino Duel combines the best elements of iconic games like Risk with new age, turn-based card games in a witty, strategic formula that creates a truly unique gaming experience for both casual and hardcore analog gamers not seen since the Jurassic Era.    

            The game has been in development for nearly 2 years as creators, Stephen Caution and Brett Fodor have experimented with every possible variation.  “We didn’t want to put it into production until we had the games’ ‘OH YEAH!’ moment, and that can take some time to develop,” said CEO, Caution.  Fodor, CMO revealed, “I quit my day-job for this game.” After becoming a featured “Launch Pad” exhibitor for 2019’s U.S. Toy Fair in New York City, the game has garnered interest from licensors, distributors, retailers, and casual gamers alike.   The community backing the game has grown to over 2300 members on Instagram and the team anticipates a large support system during and after launch.  The project has funded over 100% with plenty of time left in the campaign for stretch goals

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Dino Duel is a table top card game from Publishing Company Plaful, LLC. Founded in 2017 in Stow, Ohio.  The company represents wholesome, family values and embraces the tag line: Bringing fun to life.  More info can be found at and 

The guys from Plaful, LLC really have nice ideas how to promote their design! Beloe some additional materials – if you like light, brutal and exciting small games, that one is for you!