It is already two years since we started our regular, PBEM (Play By EMail) Combat Commander games with Dave. We went through all 12 CC Europe scenarios (Combat Commander Europe – playing all 12 Base Game Scenarios – statistical analysis) and now hit eight battle in the Pacific series. Of course, those sessions were interspersed by other titles (like Caesar: Rome vs. Gaul – playing as Gauls or Bayonets & Tomahawks – playing with Dave) but still, Combat Commander was our main title.

Let us see how that last Pacific scenario went for us. I can do a little spoiler by saying we never before played till the moment one side is completely wiped out…

#H Dog plus Eight depicts another “last line of defense” in the Pacific struggle between Americans and Japanese soldiers. We are at the end of the war, it is 1945. I am playing Japanese (me, defender posture) who has to keep key objective point on the hill. On the other hand US Forces (Dave, attacker posture) has to take those hills and wipe out my forces in the process. Thanks to extensive Cave system, my soldiers will have not only nice cover, but also good way of moving around.

That will be very interesting game to play!

You can click on every image and enlarge it for better visibility.

Set-up of our Scenario #H – I am starting to the left, with my Japanese forces occupying large hills and some caves. Dave decided to spread his forces in one, large line – he could use max two hexes from the right edge. That was pretty confrontational forces disposition!
And so it started – massed US firepower, enhanced by Enfilade, Marksmanship or Sustained Fire was so huge that I lost my largest stack (!!!) in the Turn 1 (!!!)
Do you think that was enough for blood-thirsty Marines? No way! While I started to retreat through the Caves tunnels, second stack was obliterated. Completely. All dead.
A glimpse of hope appeared with my new promoted Hero but before he could do anything he was killed. Same for a lonely squad in the “Hidden Trench” – the US firepower was simply too much! And they were coming forward…
Indeed, the progress of US troops was slow (once they reached the hill) but steady. They entered the main VPs house but in the meantime I received multiple reinforcement and hidden units – usually Leaders.
But let us be honest – at this moment in time, I was grossly outnumbered, especially after another melee which – despite good cards – become fateful for me.
My last attempt at counter-attack was bringing a lot of Artillery firepower on my enemies – and unfortunately also on me, as in order to have a line of sight, I had to get out of the cave. I killed bot enemies as my compatriots in the process.
End of scenario 8. ALL (I repeat ALL) my units, both from the game start as well as reinforcements / hidden units were dead. Congrats to Dave on well played (tactically) scenario.
Causalities from the game – very bloody on my side, with some losses on US too.


Well, that was tough scenario for my Japanese and positioning them in usual way – at the edges of the hill, in well-covered positions (Caves) completely backfired on me. The amount of lead US troops were able to bring against my defenders was incredible and mind-blowing. When it was supported by such great cards like Enfilade, Sustained Fire or Marksman, I had little to do. Still, I fought valiantly till the end and even in last Banzai! charge had a decent chance to kill opponents in melee (as having two Ambush cards).

More reports to come!