BANZAI! Yes, in our epic journey with Dave through all Combat Commander Pacific scenarios we finally hit a set-up with that Japanese posture! While it took us a bit to play – somehow Pacific games tend to last longer, although often not so numerous in turns – it was still fun. But also a psychological rollercoaster – I have a feeling that unlike Europe installment, here we have more “make-or-break” scenarios. So, let us see how it went!

#C Ichiki Attacks is another very special scenario. It is August 1942 and we are on Guadalcanal. Japanese HQ (Michal, Japan, Banzai! posture) sent a detachment to coupe with what was deemed as minor US incursion (Dave, US, Defend posture). Oh, how mistaken they were!

I have only 3 cards in hand – well, Dave have 4 but also all special defender actions. In front of me a Tenaru River with fortified opposite bank. Americans are waiting for me on the there side with their MG well emplaced. Honestly, this scenario looked really daunting and a steel nerve was needed to even dream about victory. And for a long time it was really in doubt…

You can click on every image and enlarge it for better visibility.

Once again a pretty specific set-up – this time for our Scenario #C. Water and wire barrier, with beach to the right, some marshes blocking LOS in center as well as Japanese units ready to charge!
I made a really good progress in first 5 turns, mainly thanks to Charge order – special one for the Banzai posture. River was reached and even entered on the right. Of course, I was under constant, ferocious fire from enemy MG – to that extent, that it over-heated and broke! On top of this, we both lost radios – no artillery in this scenario!
A key moment in the game – both sides receive reinforcements (mine only if I cross the river). As you can see above, the IJA forces push forward but are mercilessly decimated by concentrated fire. Still, it is much less effective without MG.
Two critical developments – first, my MG (came with reinforcements) turned out to be a true killing machine, eliminating the main source of resistance. Secondly, I advanced and killed the MG from US reinforcements far away next to the map edge. In the meantime Japanese of course paid a price, loosing Command-2 leader but it was worth it..
Why? Because that turned out to be the beginning of the end. I continued firing while redeploying units behind enemy lines.
A systematic annihilation of individual US squads ensued – however, I was still far away in points.
The last “trench raid” finally broke the US morale – by killing further 4 units I managed to reach the GIs surrender level.
Causalities on US side – all my Banzai troops were coming back on next turn as reinforcements. And a lot of them died…


That was very mentally exhausting scenario – moving your troops under enemy fire, en mass, in hope that some of them should survive and be able to break through. Wading in water, stopping in wire, hitting the mines – nothing was spared to my troops. But the reinforcements saved the day – a mighty MG plus additional units managed to pin-down the main source of opposition while the brave Samurais managed to break the US reinforcements.

One of the key moments was definitely break of the allied MG which turned the game upside down – but as we know, such things happen in Combat Commander! More reports to come!