We can’t stop. We started to play Combat Commander Europe scenarios with Dave in January and already finished four of them! It really got to us 🙂 All of this in PBEM form, using Discord to exchange files and communicate. Today I am presenting scenario number three – #3 Bonfire of the NKVD. So let me invite you to as usually picture-rich session report!

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Bonfire of the NKVD again places defender (USSR, Dave) against attacker (Germans, Michal). It tells the story of the delaying action by Red Army during the Barbarossa onslaught – it takes place in June 1941, 2 days after the invasion. We have pretty interesting set-up rules as Soviets can place 12 wires after Axis place their forces. Still, the difference in quality of troops is significant – Militia on USSR side and Regular Rifles on Wehrmacht one. On the other hand, there is twice as much Russians as Germans. So it can go both ways… Over to the report!

You can click on every image and enlarge it for better visibility.

Our initial set-up of Scenario 3 – I can use first 3 columns on left side, Dave is occupying the rest of map, including 5 victory objectives and 12 wires.
My progress in the norther part of the front is slow and uneventful. On the southern flank I quickly deal with one militia but then a horrible, slow straggle through Hidden Wire and Hidden Mines starts. One of those obstacles was even hidden in the building where I planned to have my main attacking position!
Unbelievable but I am hitting even more Wire and Mines. But look at that lonely, brave squad moving towards large stack of Soviet troops. He will change the flow the game completely…
and so he does. Advancing and attacking in melee, using 4 (four!) Ambushes and wiping out any Soviet presence at the forward post!
From that time on it is a systematic and precise eradication of all Red Army resistance points – having superb range this is not a difficult task for Wehrmacht. Things are getting even worse for Soviets when I got Radio and artillery is starting to pound on densely occupied Woods….
Another three resistance posts fall or try to retreat – this is race with time, as I am behind in points but hope for surrender victory.
And so it happens in Turn 27, after raid by my HMG pack in South and Advance by second group in North..
Causalities and destroyed weapons on both sides


The scenario was very tough for Soviets. We were discussing with Dave if he has not set-up too much forward but seeing his cards – 3 x Hidden Wire and 1 x Hidden Mines (just look at Turn 21 picture) he really had a chance to withstand the attack long enough. I had to fire from open terrain and only brave melee with four Ambushes (unbelievable!) changed the course of the game and actually broke Red Army resistance.

More CCE will come for sure – scenario #4 was just finished and will be published soon!