With great pleasure I would like to invite you guys to already 6th installment in our ambitious project – playing with Dave all twelve Combat Commander Europe Base Game scenarios. With every game we learn more and more about that fantastic system, we refine our tactics and approaches, we learn cards and what the opponent can do should we decide to pursuit some particular path. Today I am presenting scenario number six – #06 Paralyzed from the West Down. As always, let me invite you to picture-rich session report!

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It is June 7th, 1944. Overlord – The largest amphibious operation ever conducted – has just started. The German soldiers (Michal, defender) were completely surprised by the speed and ferocity of Allied (Dave, attacker) troops. The extent of the Wehrmacht unpreparedness for such development of events is clearly visible in the rules – I started with only one order by turn, which then slowly grow to 3 whenever Time marker was advanced. Still, I could play defense actions, unlike in scenario #5 Cold Front. Was it enough when facing elite US 505th Parachute Regiment forces? We shall see…

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Our initial set-up of Scenario 6 – Dave places forces in the first three rows from top, I have rest of the map to deploy. Whoever controls all objectives automatically wins, so I had to spread my forces a bit.
US troops quickly enters the buildings – which is not surprising, as they can get cover there. In the process they are mercilessly harassed by my MG42 – with great effect as two American medium MGs are being eliminated! In the meantime I am getting hidden unit – Sgt. Benzing – which will prove to be a true life-saving event as it will occur later.
When you look at the map you can see an inevitable melee – which I decided to initiate… only to be countered with 3 (three!!!) ambushes. That meant a close but still a defeat.… Glad I got another leader just a moment ago. Otherwise the scenario would be as good as lost.
On the left flank my second MG harasses enemy pretty effectively, killing one of US leaders. On the right I am executing organised retreat to the second line of defense. The hidden mines definitely help 🙂
Another seven turns and stalemate on the left flank while US Paratroopers are getting closer and closer on the right. You would be surprised what determined leader with simple LMG can do – my defense still holds on, despite Dave cleverly using the smoke screen to advance.
Sudden death roll finished our game at turn 28. It was second such check. I was leading with 5 VPs, successfully repealing all assaults on my right flank. But Allies had one hidden objective. Most of such objectives give 1-2 VPs for control. But there is one giving 10 VPs. Chances are very slim, it will for sure not be this… Wait! What? 10 VPs swing for US and 5 VP win? Aaaa…
Causalities and destroyed weapons on both sides


Well, that was very suspenseful game – with one order initially I could not do much, the important melee went south, the hidden objective proved to be a game-changer. Still, my defenders were able to put up a good fight, broke and rout some of the invaders and in the end lost due to hidden documents left by one of Corporals in Objective 5 (why, on Earth, it would be otherwise worth 10VPs!). I love CCE – the tides of war can be really volatile and you should never ever be complacent and satisfied with result.

You can expect more CCE reports soon – scenario #7 taking place in wooden terrains of Bessarabia is already underway!