I am continuing our Combat Commander Europe games with Dave. We had such a blast with the first scenario (see here: Once again introducing Combat Commander Europe – #1 Fat Lipki) that is was a no-brainier that we will play further scenarios. The pandemic situation is not getting any better so it is really great that we can play in digital format.

Again, we will be using Discord for files exchange as well as for any interruptions – like opportunity fire or hidden mines/wire. It proved to be working quite well and game is really flawless. So let me invite you to as usually picture-rich session report from our second game!

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Hedgroves and Hand Grenades definitely brings up the complexity level in comparison to Fat Lipki. We have here defender (Germans, me) and attacker (US, Dave). That means different number of cards – 4 for me, 6 for Dave – and many more actions for Wehrmacht (defender type ones). On top of this, American start with radio – which means a lot of artillery attacks during the game! The hedges – famous Normandy bocage – have their defense and move characteristics increased – so seems like a lot of close quarter combat. Let us see how it went!

You can click on every image and enlarge it for better visibility.

Our initial set-up of Scenario 1 – Dave can use first 3 columns, I am occupying the rest of map, including 5 victory objectives
The game is exciting and really eventful from the (literally) first moves. My initial Fire card kills the exposed leader while Dave – after some regrouping of his artillery observer, who was chased by my Conscript – brings Artillery hell on my troops in building.
I do not have good hand to events and at some moment in time there is Suppression on 7 of my units! That gives Dave a chance to bring forward his troops and we start to exchange fire.
I knew that the attack will come. Wire and Mines did not helped, even the pillbox was not enough – I lost very important melee (above a zoom-in – Dave attacked from Mines towards pillbox).
Things on southern flank are no better – artillery finishes my troops in Objective 2, northern part of US forces closes on my main defense point (I will destroy enemy MG there). Lt. Thomas enters map, but he is so pitiful. Second leader also joins Dave’s forces.
Two objectives fall to US forces – 2 & 4. The latter is the place of tremendous feats by my Conscript, but surrounded and without relief they finally yield. A large fire breaks at the back of Dave’s troops.
Sudden death roll finished our game at turn 33, with 7 VPs on US side. In the meantime I am trying to approach lonely US leader but conscripts are too slow. One more minefield almost kills the enemy team but then the game ends.
Causalities and destroyed weapons on both sides


The scenario was truly interesting and exciting endeavor. Very good beginning for Germans (first turn elimination of Leader) did not break US morale and they recovered, bringing two more leaders to the battlefield (although for pretty long time we thought Lt.Thomas is an actor – his fortunes were abysmal…). The game was pretty close – like the first one – almost to the end and our multiple Sudden Death rolls on Turn 27 (I think we re-rolled like 5 times) will be long rememberd!

More CCE will come for sure – scenario #3 is already underway!