Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar is volume VI in acclaimed COunter INsurgency series of Volko Ruhnke – and first one which takes us to ancient times! This is a game about great gambit – or actually, the last stage of it – Caesar plans to conquer the Gaul and earns ever-lasting glory (plus political security 🙂 ) It depicts last chapters of that process – the most volatile period, as this is the time of the Great Revolt.

This definitely my favorite COIN, most played and probably – known to me almost inside out. Thus I decided to put my experience in more tangible form and created series of strategy materials which were published across couple of last months. Today I am bringing all this dispersed into one place – which I hope will allow both beginners as well as veterans to that great title enjoy it even more!

Falling Sky – Explained!
Falling Sky – playing as Rome
Falling Sky – playing as Arverni
Falling Sky – playing as Belgae

Falling Sky – playing as Aedui

Falling Sky – scenario analysis