As our epic journey with Dave through all the Combat Commander Europe Base Game scenarios was finished – you can read statistical summary from that endeavor here – we decided to move to the Pacific version! Completely different theater of operations, three new nationalities and army decks (Japan, US Marine Corp, Commonwealth). Late Chad Jensen really improved and expanded the concept, making the game even more action-packed and exciting. So without further delay, let us move to the first scenario!

Combat Commander Europe campaign 
(similar list for Pacific soon I hope!):
#1 Fat Lipki
#2 Hedgroves and Hand Grenades
#3 Bonfire of the NKVD
#4 Closed for Renovation
#5 Cold Front
#6 Paralyzed from the West Down
#7 Bessarabian Nights
#8 Breakout dance
#9 Rush to contact
#10 Commando Schools
#11 Hold the Line

#A Grassy Knoll is a relatively small and introductory game – in the end, CC Pacific is separate title from CC Europe and your journey with Combat Commander could start here. It is May 1945, Philippines. The US 24th Infantry Division (Dave, Attacker) is tasked with assaulting the Davao; they will face Japanese 100th Division (Michal, Defender) which will use the nearby terrain to its advantage.

There is a special rule here regarding Guerrillas – i.e. Philippines forces, assisting Allies. Three of such units will enter as reinforcements and will have no movement restrictions (they knew the area pretty well). What will come out of it? Who will prevail? Let us see!

You can click on every image and enlarge it for better visibility.

Our set-up of Scenario #A – I am defending on the left side of the map, having one bunker (6 Morale to my troops). Dave will come from right, with Guerrilla units able to enter on my flanks.
US troops advance slowly – my MG and Infantry gun pound on them nicely. Wire helps to slow down the Allied progress, but a blaze appears on my left flank, obscuring the view. Good I got a leader as reinforcement – he will be really useful soon.
A critical moment in the game. First, Dave gets a powerful radio while I have Asset Denied. Secondly, a well placed shot kills my Leader (after fact, I realized that he should be only suppressed thanks to the Bunker bonus vs art, but it was too late in the game to fix it)
Of course US troops will use this opportunity to advance; Guerrilla also enters the fray. But my gun manages to kill one attacker. Still, the worse will only come.
A true low point for Japanese in our game. Most of my units broken, I am retreating in the north as Guerrilla with Thompsons attack; my large gun destroyed. At least infiltration unit will guard the 3 VP exit from map.
Two more of my units killed, blaze spreads across the map, more US troops advancing.
Sudden Death roll – finally! They were converging on my units from all sides, killing one more of my squads (but I managed to play Hidden Pillbox). I would not survive much longer and I was saved by the game end.
Causalities on both sides – not necessarily large.


We have learned a lot in this session. Pacific is definitely different in many areas from European version and requires use of different tactics and strategies. The best example is infiltration which can be a powerful tool but also a frustrating hindrance. And ability to get Artillery in each scenario – albeit with good roll on Asset Request and at the expense of Victory Points as show above – can be a true game changer.

I am sure that if the game would last 2-3 more turns, I would be overrun. But this was the beauty of this scenario, till the last man standing! More to come…