Our campaign with Dave continues. Combat Commander Europe – Base Game – all scenarios played consecutively, one by one, using Play be Email Method. Actually, this is Discord for files exchange and quick consultations whenever there is some question / uncertainty. Today I am presenting scenario number five – #5 Cold Front. As always, let me invite you to picture-rich session report!

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Cold Front is kind of attacker (USSR, Dave) vs defender (Germans, Michal) type of scenario. This time it is very cold – end of December 1941 – to the extent that no fortifications of any type can be placed during the game (which hinders defender a lot). Soviet forces just got influx of Siberian troops and are executing another counter-offensive. They are all equipped in SMGs, having short range but deadly firepower. I have only a token force, one of my Weapons is broken, and the sole MG42 is my only hope here…

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Our initial set-up of Scenario 5 – Dave places forces in the first three columns to the left, I have rest of the map to deploy. Guess which weapon will be broken – of course my best MG42!
Fortunately, MG42 is quickly fixed. My advance position is really well guarded – Trench gives 4 cover and Leader 2. Still, to be able to fire at all those advancing units is tremendous task. You really need to choose when to use your precious few cards!
Around Turn 10 my MG42 had a broken Team which allowed Dave to move forward nicely – both in North and South. He also got a great Infantry Gun which proved to be liability – after two sniper rounds it just gave me VPs…
“They are everywhere and are flanking us” – Sgt. Ganz was shouting! His troops opened fire, Soviets were breaking in droves but…
…many of them managed to fight their way through two defense lines. Sgt. Ganz decided to move North to prevent exiting at least by one route. Things get worse when suddenly Artillery appeared on Soviet side but was quickly silenced by my troops.
I was partially successful in preventing the Red Army exits and in the end – the game automatically ends when you reach Turn 13 – Dave managed to pull out last moment victory by 2 VPs!
Causalities and destroyed weapons on both sides


What a close game – I was sure I will be pretty quickly overwhelmed. The idea of double line defensive – with forward and reserve positions – worked pretty well and usually at least one of my groups was able to keep advancing Soviets in check. The move on that frozen terrain was very difficult, not to mention lack of any wires or mines from my side. Great game and a lot of fun for both of us!

You can expect more CCE reports soon – scenario #6 is underway!