After the last week’s difficult experience with #14 Jagged Shoals, the idea was to play something less challenging. We have new companion in the team – Tomek – with still relatively short experience in Frosthaven and it would be good to build it up in some less crazy way 🙂 Did we succeeded and have chosen adventure which gave some respite? Well, let us see!

Our Frosthaven Campaign in scenario order:
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But before this, as always reminder regarding our merry company composition. As stated last week, it seems that we finally settled on four-player group, which seems to be pretty versatile – although a bit imbalanced due to my retirement:

  • Deathwalker (me) – level 1
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 4
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 4
  • Drifter (Tomek) – level 3

We have good support (Banner), damage dealer (Deathwalker), versatile attacker (Geminate) as well as tank with some special skills (Drifter). So hopefully we should be fine!

Session report

Let us move to our scenario; here it is:

We are proceeding with the Lurkers path of campaign; we somehow like those creatures 🙂 During our travel we collected shards from some mysterious crown. Evidently they have some special meaning for those monsters. You can tell this as while we were sailing through the Biting Sea, we were attacked by them! Now, it is time to repeal the attack!

PS. Feel free to click on below images for full details.

Session Report

After the need to play on Normal Difficult the last scenario (really, we were not able to tackle #14 Jagged Shoals any other way) we came back to our usually play on Hard (+1 level above the recommended). We really hoped Ice Floes will be nice, short and straightforward scenario. Below picture-rich session report:

Set-up of Scenario #22. Armored Lurkers – Clawcrusher and Wavethrower just jumped on our ship and we are about to face them.
Winter events can be very nasty; we started with the brittle.
The idea to prevent fighting with too many enemies at the same time was to stay on upper part of the deck, which was limited in access to two narrow passages.
That worked perfectly, we killed all 12 monsters, I managed to spawn 5 Shadows for Deathwalker and then we read what will happen now…
Wow, the scenario was definitely not over! Another 10 enemies were awaiting us on the lower deck, and what is most important, they were fervidly attacking the ship, trying to sink it!
The only idea to stop them was run quickly and act as live shields. That we did (for my Deathwalker, of course shadows moved forward 🙂 )
The battle was fierce, Eels were all the time focusing on destroying the hull but in the end – at the cost of Deathwalker and Drifter exhaustion – we prevailed!

Long, sometimes tense but enjoyable scenario which brought us a lot of loot and experience. Speaking of the latter, we had as many as three (!) level-up after this adventure: Deathwalker to level 2, Drifter to level 4 and Geminate to level 5 (and possibility thus to play solo scenario!)

Outpost Phase

Once we came back to Frosthaven, the Outpost phase started. Here are the highlights – remember, it is already a winter here!

Scenario #22 “Ice Flows” unlocks another scenario in Lurker’s campaign but we would need to wait couple of weeks before we would be able to proceed.

On the other hand, we unlocked two other scenarios – first #104, which is connected to mysterious key we found; and second, #69 which is retirement adventure for our good Drifter! We have now pretty decent number of open scenario to play and shall choose one of them for next meeting!

Last but not least, we got our first attack! It was not the strongest one (Strength of 20) and we had enough soldiers to get additional defense and advantage, but still, the thrill was there! Glad we positively started with that art of Frosthaven campaign!


First scenario during the winter – while adventure itself was of medium-difficulty, all the events – Road, Outpost, etc. – were really much more challenging. But that is the specific of that season and we would need to learn how to cope with that. Next game soon!

See you in next Session Report!