Our fascinating adventure in the world of Frosthaven progresses nicely. Almost every week we gather to play end-to-end one scenario – important to note that except for actual adventure, the outpost phase takes significant amount of time. We like the script part of the game very much and eagerly await how the story will unfold with each next adventure.

Our Frosthaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Town in Flames
#2 Algox Scouting
#4 Heart of Ice

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With already fourth scenario being played, it was obvious that we need to follow one of the main campaign paths, uncovered in last episode (#4 Heart of Ice). We could follow-up on battles with Algox, we could focus on some strange Mechanical Machines, or we could check the rumors about Lurkers. Those latter monsters we know very well from Gloomhaven (see for example scenario #37 Doom Trench) but in Frosthaven they will have a special importance – I will not spoil now, but let us say they do not necessarily be only our enemies. Thus we decided to follow that last path, entering the adventure #7 Edge of the World.

So our company gathered ready for this exciting adventure. Here is our composition:

  • Blinkblade (me) – still level 1
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 1
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 1
  • Drifter (Konrad) – level 1

I mentioned already that experience is gained in Frosthaven much slower than in Gloomhaven. This is true, as our first level-ups will be only after that 4th episode.

Session report

With the preparations finished we approached Scenario #7:

We traveled pretty far from the outpost to resolve “the crab problem”. And indeed, when we landed in the mentioned spot, a lot of such creatures were roaming around…

PS. This was first scenario we played on Hard difficulty.

Set-up of Scenario #7 – three rooms, first pretty packed with various types of Lurkers. Will take some time to “kill all enemies”.
Close up on our initial forces disposition – to the left you can see initiative markers, very helpful during actual play.
My nimble Blinkblade looked like a dwarf when attacking huge Lurkers. I also started to be proficient with some combos likw the one above – bottom of “Kinetic Transfer” + top of “Sand in the Hourglass” – both when I am fast – immediately causes 3 damage to very well shielded enemies like above crabs. Plus wound!
After full 5 turns, the first room was cleaned-up. Everybody already got really good hold of their adventurer’s abilities so it was more run who will kill enemies first 🙂 The drawback was that our slowest characters were pretty far away from the doors…
…and we had a pretty decent party awaiting us behind them!
I love my special ability to charge inside the room full of enemies, hit everybody in range two for 2 points and then put invisibility on. Above that caused 10 points of damage.
Those 6 lurkers really did not stand a chance to a combined wrath of our group. Even the shields were not helping. I had to open the path to the next room through the trap using my Blinkblade but other than that it was piece of cake.
What??? The creature which occurred to our eyes in the last room was horrifying – Algox, bud dead, a real Zombie! And he had skills of mini-boss. Plus all those traps which were pretty problematic to maneuver.
Our tank unfortunately exhausted due to lack of cards, but others finished the job. The creature was dead, the next part of the campaign opened!

Another scenario with boss (well, a mini-boss) which appeared out of nowhere was a really nice twist of story. And this is what we love Frosthaven for!


After the actual adventure, almost similar amount of time we spend in Outpost Phase, executing various upgrades, events, level ups, etc. Let us see them below:

The great campaign diagram showed us that after completing #7, we can now jump to #13 (outright) or to #14 (provided we will build a boat). As we would like to continue with purple Lurkers path, we would need to make a choice.
The choice was simple – we decided not yet invest into the boat but rather Hunting Lodge, and thus during our next session we shall play Scenario #13.
In the meantime we also discovered and unlocked another character. But how we did it I will not present here. Have fun discovering this for yourself!


That was our first scenario of Hard Difficulty. It went probably better than expected, although one of our comrades fell in the process. We really liked the twist at the end of adventure, we learned a lot about our abilities and started to utilize combo-like moves and what is most important – we got multiple level up’s of our characters. Next scenario will not only have higher level (we shall play again on Hard) but also new cards and perks can be used!