It is great to continue our Frosthaven campaign! We waited for that game to arrive almost two years and now try to play it regularly, if possible on a weekly basis. We still discover a lot of novelty, browsing the rulebook regularly – and I am sure I need to do an article on those differences and changes. This initial discovery phase is definitely fun and something we were looking forward to!

Our Frosthaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Town in Flames
#2 Algox Scouting
#4 Heart of Ice

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Frosthaven – first look – starting characters (2/2)
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For the second session with Frosthaven we had to prepare ourselves for the Outpost phase which we skipped during our first meeting. This is completely new, cool mechanic in sequel to Gloomhaven. You develop your settlement in various dimensions – defense, production, alchemy, craftsmanship, you name it. There are additional events which happen only in Outpost plus special phases allowing for building construction, potions brewing or items crafting. In our first phase we decided to invest in new items possibilities:

Our new building – Craftsman Level 2!

Then, forgetting about road event (shame on us! we will fix it in the next adventure!) we gathered our merry company for Scenario 2:

  • Blinkblade (me) – still level 1
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – our tank in this scenario; level 1
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – a versatile damage dealer; level 1
  • Drifter (Konrad) – unfortunately absent due to sickness

Due to the lack of Drifter / Konrad we had to designate new Tank for the team – and best suited was of course Banner Spear / Kuba J. The job of dealing damage was left to Blinkblade / me and Geminate / Kuba G. Let us see how it went!

Session report

With the preparations finished we approached Scenario 2:

It takes place in Copperneck Mountains. We actually had a choice to follow Scenario #2 (Algox Scouting) or Scenario #3 (Algox Offensive). We have decided for the former, hoping we can still come back to #3… but that not what was destined (more on it later). The main goal is to get to the Algox who attacked Frosthaven in Scenario #1 and try to understand why they did it / and of course also neutralise threat. In the chosen adventure we approach the main Algox base by the side passage. And we will discover a lot on the path… Let us see!

Scenario 2 overview – three rooms, with enemies only visible in the first one.
Close up on what we initially had to deal with – three Guards and two Archers.
We really started to learn our characters – the first room was piece of cake, we even had to agree who will take care of archers as there were too many eager to stick a blade into them!
I think from the story perspective Frosthaven is a very interesting game. In room two we found Algox Priest (Ally to us!) attacked by group of Algox Scouts and Archers. Of course, we decided to assist the lady…
…by killing quickly all three enemies. They set-up traps but we used them against them; we also watched out so that Priest will not run too much forward.
Last room initially could be a challenge – four Scouts and Guard.
But my invisibility, Banner Spear tanking and versatile attacks by Geminate were too much for that pack. Especially with Priest constantly healing us. Once we dealt with enemies, we looted everything and destroyed ice object.


To our surprise that was not the end. Adventure conclusion clearly stated we need to immediately start Scenario #4 (forced link) by following our priest deep into Copperneck Mountain. Something ominous was waiting there for us, something much more dangerous than a pack of Algox…But that is story for another time!

In the end, two out of our three characters achieved masteries – my Blinkblade was not attacked whole game, mainly thanks to invisibility, and Kuba’s Geminate was changing form each turn. That, plus battle goals gave two perks to each of those characters – very much needed boost before tough scenario #4. And of course, that was a lot of fun to play the game, especially with its storyline twists. More to come soon!