Another week, another exciting session in the world of Frosthaven – a joyful meeting, finished with great success, spoils and satisfaction!

Ok, enough. No. Not this time. What would be the most annoying, long, too difficult, too fiddly or simply bad scenario in Frosthaven? Yes, you guessed well – #14 Jagged Shoals. There is even the whole thread on BoardGame Geek where that infamous adventure proudly and firmly keeps the pole position! And you shall see in a moment why.

Our Frosthaven Campaign in scenario order:
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But before this, couple of words about our team composition. It seems that we finally settled for a 4-player group, with Tomek (yet another one, please do not confuse with the one from the #5 Frozen Crypt) taking over Drifter. With that change another modification to our well-balanced group arrived – my good friend, Blinkblade retired after 10 scenarios and his place was taken by Deathwalker. That character seems to fit my preferred profile and I hope to experience so many interesting and exciting campaigns as I did with the former adventurer.

To sum up the full composition of our team looked like this:

  • Deathwalker (me) – level 1
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 4
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 4
  • Drifter (Tomek) – level 3

Now to the scenario and two attempts we had to play to finally crack it!

Session report

So here you have our adventure:

Two, black dots below the adventure name means this is medium complexity scenario – not true, should definitely be a 3 dot, high-complexity and difficulty adventure. Now, what makes this scenario so malevolent? Let us think:

  • It starts as one, open, large room – no time for any preparation, boosting up (Drifter) or any other warm-up; fight starts immediately
  • In order to win, we need to destroy snow rock; to do it we have to put 7 damage tokens on it; the only way to place such thing is to be adjacent to the rock and survive turn; so, 7 turns in total to destroy it
  • Before getting to the rock, you have to run through the whole room of enemies
  • Each turn 2 additional enemies are added to the pack (spawning in pre-defined areas)
  • To make things worse, Abael Herders can summon many more monsters, mainly Piranha Pigs (very nasty enemy)
  • And if you think that you can avoid creatures living in water, watch out! They can jump and easily get to you!

This is exactly what was in front of us. Let us see now how it went!

PS. Feel free to click on below images for full details.

1st attempt – Hard Difficulty

We usually play our scenarios on Hard Difficulty (+1 level above the recommended) and so we approached this scenario in similar way. Below I am presenting how the adventure is set-up and how we very quickly ended the initial attempt 🙂

This is how the #16 Jagged Shoals looks like. Up, right there is our group; far to the left is the Rock Pillar, our target; you can see also a lot of letters marking the spawning places for enemies. Plus, a flow of water going through most of the room.
A close-up on our team; the plan was to soften-up the enemies – especially Herders visible in distance on the left part of picture – and then move forward.
It was not only wrong idea, but it got very quickly verified by life; Herders got pull and dragged us from the safety; they also spawned a lot of Piranhas (on top of what was coming every turn); in the end – after couple of turns – we were simply overwhelmed.

2nd attempt – Normal Difficulty

We decided that we should as soon as possible make another attempt. We lowered difficulty to Normal and devised a new plan – called “rush forward ASAP”. Below I am presenting it.

So the new idea was to 1) move my Deathwalker shadow to Target and already in Turn 2 or 3 teleport there 2) Drifter attack Herders in right-bottom of map, thus distracting some of enemies from me 3) Geminate and Banner start their march to target (top-center above), mutually-supporting each other
And it really worked out! I teleported and started to inflict (painfully slow) hits on the Rock Pillar; Drifter caught up with the rest and the guys were trying to form a defensive perimeter at chokepoints just to survive till the end.
But no, this was not supposed to be the end of the story! At some point in time, both Eels and Piranhas started to JUMP! In that way, all the concepts of “chokepoints” & keeping the Eels only in water far away from us not only did not work, but even back-fired at us (see all those nice monsters around me? in place I was supposed to be relatively safe…)
Speaking of Deathwalker; this was my first scenario with that character; definitely not the best way to familiarize with it as I did not have time to gradually build up my Shadows group! Still, already in initial game I learned some tricks and will definitely be further exploring potential synergies.
In the end, burning some cards to survive the damage, we launched counterattack massively thinning out enemy host. And just then, the 7th round finished and we succeeded!

Uff, we were greatly relieved when late in night the scenario successfully concluded.

Outpost Phase

For the next step – Outpost Phase – we concluded it only on next meeting, such a long gameplay it was. But we got some decent stuff there!

First of all, completion of Scenario #14 unlocks further adventure in the Lurkers world – scenario #22 “Ice Flows”.

Another great discovery after the scenario conclusion was possibility to unlock one of the new characters; will not spoil and provide more details, but as you can see below, both types are somehow connected with Lurkers…

As a one of last steps, we constructed Carpenter, which will give us discount on all further purchases. Nice building!

Last but not least, due to the passage of time, the Winter has come to Frosthaven!


What a mess it was. Very long evening, pretty tedious scenario and balancing at the verge of defeat. Good we had enough time for second attempt – we pretty quickly realized there is no way we can survive on Hard Difficulty. Still, the gains after completing adventure were huge – you not so often unlock the character – so in the end it was worth it 🙂

See you in next Session Report!