The campaign continues. Restless souls cannot stop, they have to travel through the icy lands of Frosthaven in the search of adventure. Or… wood for palisade! Yes, before this session we had longer debate which from the available scenarios to choose and we decided to go for the one with most possible wood loot!

There were two reasons for this. First, the winter is coming! Soon, we shall face much harsher conditions and ensuing attacks on our outpost. One of the ways to secure against it, is to build palisade for which you need… a lot of wood. Second reason was the fact that we pursued Lurkers campaign branch as far as we could and we were missing… wood for Sledges and Boat. As you can see, the shortage of that resource were becoming serious problem for us, hindering the team in multiple directions thus it was high time to do something about it!

Our Frosthaven Campaign in scenarios order: 
#1 Town in Flames
#2 Algox Scouting
#4 Heart of Ice
#7 Edge of the World
#8 Crystal Trench
#13 Frozen Fjord
#32 Ravens’ Roost

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This time unfortunately we did not have a full team as Konrad was not able to join. On the highlights side, my Blinkblade was already on Level 3 – first to reach it!; that actually pushed the monsters level also to 3; but you know, we play on Hard Difficulty – more challenging and more rewarding!

  • Blinkblade (me) – level 3
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 2
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 2

Session report

With our team ready and steady we approached Scenario #8:

Do you remember when I told you that after two first scenarios campaign branches in three directions? We have:

  • Lurkers – we are stuck with progress here due to lack of wood
  • Algox – we skip this for now as we had enough of those monsters in the initial scenarios
  • Mechanical Machines – we have not started this yet

So Scenario #8 is the first in the third story line (Machines). Not only full of wood but also interesting from the goal perspective. After long travel – in search of those mysterious machines – we venture into the dark forest, than dark valley. The sound of Hounds and other animals was clearly heard although we were not able to notice anybody. Suddenly we realized this is a trap, hordes of wolfs are approaching from behind while Imps and Polar Bears block the passage. The race with time started, forward, escape!!!

PS. Feel free to click on below images for full details.

Set-up of Scenario #8 a long, narrow path in front of us, blocked in couple of choke-points. We need to get to the end, while killing all Bears.
Close-up on first room. Those Imps maybe do not have too much Hit Points (HP) like 3 (normal) or 7 (regular) one but inflict Brittle on targets. That new condition in Frosthaven is a very nasty one – it doubles all Damage taken.
We hit inside the group, with my multi-target attacks, Banner special abilities depending on position of Allies and Geminate changing the form pretty often!
Ok, first room cleared so we enter second. Here two surprises were awaiting us: in front strong Bear group, but from the rear… Hounds started to spawn every turn. Really, time to run!
During this scenario I was using new card – Level 3 Double Time, which as name suggests, doubles all Fast effects of my character. I mainly used it to gather tons of Exp Points but also to augment attacks. It worked but Hounds were on our heels as you can see above.
Last room and another Bear? Elite? Well, let us get to work QUICKLY – the howls of enemies were clearly audible.
Uff, we managed to get outside map in time. Kuba and Kuba were discussing whether not to stay and kill some more monsters – and thus collect some loot in process – but we decided it is high time to simply win.
Especially when already 6 Hounds were chasing us and new were spawning every tunr!

Scenario might look dramatic from the report perspective but in the end was not so difficult. There were some exciting moments; still, our victory was not in doubt (except one moment of miscommunication which potentially could end up fatally 🙂 )

Outpost Phase

What follows is the Outpost Phase, where we resolve event (we got another, random scenario!), update the Campaign Diagram – two new adventures unlocked and finally, invest int our Settlement (we were collecting that Wood for some reason, didn’t we?). Let us see:

If needed, we can continue with the Mechanical Machines branch, following scenario #15 or #16. They both shows links to further scenarios, so if we follow them, we would not come back to Frosthaven until we finish mini-campaign of couple, connected scenarios.
Yes, this should not be surprise – after collecting all this Wood, we invested in Palisade!


That was slightly different scenario then the earlier ones, not the most difficult and definitely served its purpose of resource collection. The story-line with Mechanical Machines is definitely getting interesting, but will we follow it immediately? We shall see!