After short break we come back to the reports from the world of Frosthaven. Such operational pause from time to time is really a good thing, as that allows us to have some respite and to reinvigorate our interest in the game. As you shall see below, we again gathered in limited group – which influenced the choice of the scenario. This time we decided for adventure completely outside main story line – that also means, designed and written by different author than Isaac Childres. Will be fun and something new!

Our Frosthaven Campaign in chronological order:
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Here is our company composition for the scenario. Please note that all the characters are now Level 3 – both Kubas got their promotions last session. That still did not change the adventure level – we play Monsters Level 3, which means Difficulty Hard.

  • Blinkblade (me) – level 3
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 3
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 3

Session report

Let me now tell you a bit more about scenario we played; on a side note, I really like the wordplay in the title 🙂

How did we get there in the first place? Well, it all started with interesting event – where we had a chance to help one of the entrepreneurial Tinkerers named Pinter Droman. He is dreaming about building new path – a shortcut through the mountains – to help the trade. He has all the plans, even explosives and only needs a company who will be able to make this work. Of course we agreed!

It will be a three scenario adventure. First part we play below. The goal is to destroy 7 pillars in order to create path through the initial part of the planned road. The trick is, the area where we will be working is full of hostile wildlife…

PS. Feel free to click on below images for full details.

Set-up of Scenario #114 – Only two rooms you say? Well, we need to get rid of 4 pillars there (each 7 Hit Points) and move to second area to find more. The wildlife will be growing in strength as each turn we have either Imp or Hound spawning. To the left, in two corners, there are stores of explosives we can use on pillars or… enemies. Each inflicting 10 HP Damage. But such explosion could hurt us also!
I was the first to grab a bomb, toss it toward enemies and run for my life! Guys then ignited it with range attack and 3 enemies laid dead. Good beginning!
Then the things started to get harder; the second room was also full of enemies with 4 new pillars; the enemies were arriving each turn, and we were simply not able to kill all of them on time.
At this moment we made a critical and strategical decision – I run forward (with invisibility) to hack at remote pillars while Kuba & Kuba moved back to explosives store to attract enemies. That worked splendidly!
As a last effort, our Geminate run through the half of the map and did a touchdown next to the last pillar, sacrificing himself in the process. Wait, no! He did not – he discarded card to prevent damage. And it could be such a romantic ending 🙂
Last look at the map. 7 pillars destroyed, huge number of enemies killed and unfortunately lack of time to loot everything.

That was much harder scenario than before and a little crazy – told you, those side quests are written by various authors and every one of them brings their interesting ideas to life. It was a pity we did not get all the loot; on the other hand, it is good that we survived!

Outpost Phase

We thought that this scenario will be immediately linked to 2nd and 3rd in campaign but the story again surprised us; Pinter Droman told us that he needs to prepare some more explosives and that we shall continue in 3 weeks; well, we shall wait 🙂 Still, we got some interesting developments during our Outpost Phase:

First thing was to mark just completed scenario (#114) and… unlock a new one which we got from event (#122)! I am glad we are gettign new adventures almost every week – the breadth and depth of Frosthaven is really astounding!
As we just had enough Wood (again, our most scarce resource) we decided to build Sledges. Why? That will help us to complete some unfinished business with Lurkers branch of the storyline!


Funny, side scenario, which was perfect when we were not able to play in the full group. Good we got some resources, allowing us to build Sledges and that way unlock two more scenarios – one of them is super difficult, with boss far away in the icy area. Well, time to face this challenge!