Well, it must eventually happen. If you press too much, trying your capabilities and skills to the edge, you are bound to eventually hit the limit and fail. But if you do not do it, you will never know if you reached your maximum 🙂 That was true in the world of Gloomhaven, this is even more true in unforgiving areas of Frosthaven. So yes, we lost – definitely the most difficult, complicated but also exciting, interesting and surprising scenario so far. We had so much fun that we even did not pity too much on failed attempt. But let us start from the beginning…

Our Frosthaven Campaign in chronological order:
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As you probably remember, not so far ago we decided to buy Sledges. That opened for us couple of interesting scenarios, including a side quest in Lurkers sub-campaign. What was important, this was a BOSS scenario! The plan was to get the full company and hit the unknown. Of course, playing on Hard Difficulty.

The Unknown we hit, but unfortunately the team was not in full strength as again there were only three of us:

  • Blinkblade (me) – recently promoted to level 4
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 3
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 3

There is a saying in Polish: if you do not have what you like, you like what you have 🙂 So with high spirits we headed for the adventure!

Session report

So here you have our scenario:

Do you see those three, black dots below the adventure name? Good. That is the complexity of the scenario, on a scale of 1–3. Higher complexity scenarios will generally take longer and have more special rules. At the same time, they will be much more challenging.

This was the first adventure we played with such a high complexity level. When we finished it, we unanimously confirmed that the rating was correctly assigned. Such a number of twists and turns, special rules and surprises was a complete novelty to us. But what a fun it was. Let us see in picture-rich session report!

PS. Feel free to click on below images for full details.

Scenario 21 set-up – hm, four large rooms, probably full of enemies. And interesting story at the beginning of the adventure (the host kindly inviting us to his mansion and then releasing monsters at us). On top of this those Living Spirits – flying, with high Shield; two Cards discarded and muddle as scenario special effects. It will be fun…
Close-up on our positions; Frost Daemons might not be the ugliest ones, but definitely can soke up a lot of damage, using Retaliate in response. Beautiful.
Still, four turns and we get all those bastards killed. As I did not have jump, I opened new room by running through the hazardous terrain…
…only to experience on of the most bizarre twists of story so far! We all were teleported to new room with Yellow Orb, the Living Spirits started to spawn every turn from the far side of the room, each hit on Orb was causing damage to everybody (!) in the area!
The things started to get critical as number of monsters was growing exponentially.
When we finally dealt with them, we were pretty exhausted – especially our BannerSpear, working as tank. In Hindsight, that room killed us.
In the third are – surprised? – more strange things were waiting for us. We had to deal with bookshelf to get to the next doors, while being attacked by the enemies in the process. Another delay, another set of cards burned just to survive…
When we opened the last room, the Prince of Frost greeted us smilingly. He had around 60 HPs, and was spawning 1 Imp Each turn. And here all hope departed us.
Still, we were fighting valiantly, inflicting severe damage on enemy (43 HPs on boss). But brittle, poison and constant attacks from all direction did us in the end.

Wow, that was intense. Scenario full of suspense with the fight till the end – this time, our end. Knowing what to expect will ease another attempt; still this first-time play was like reading a terrific book but being immersed in the story told. Excellent!

PS. There was no Outpost Phase, as we did not yet decide whether we come back to Frosthaven immediately.


Did we lose? Yes. Did we learn a lot, the hard way? Yes. Did Frosthaven proved to be a completely new game in comparison to Gloomhaven, bringing its own flavor, mechanics, stories and enormous suspense? Oh, definitely yes!

This was the best experience we had with that game so far. Losing such adventure was nothing when you compare to what we endured and what we saw. Still, there is one lingering question before next session… shall we immediately try it again or come back to Outpost? To be continued…