After our last scenario – the famous defeat in the boss encounter #21 Realm of Endless Frost – the spirits maybe were not low, but definitely not the best ones. The world of Frosthaven is very unforgiving but at the same time – very interesting.

So it was time to recover. In the meantime we learned that Konrad will not be able to take part in this session (and will have even more difficulties to continue at all) so a good friend of Kuba J – Tomek – joined us as Drifter. That way we had chance to once again play in the full, 4-player team.

PS. make sure to read till the end – one huge development occurred this time…

Our Frosthaven Campaign in scenario order:
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As for scenario, it had to be something light and straightforward. We did not want our new companion overly scared; on the other hand – we needed a victory to boost up the morale. So the choice went on #5 Frozen Crypt. This is first adventure in the Algox path of the main campaign and pretty quick one – we shall see details in a moment.

The full composition of our team did not changed greatly, as it was following:

  • Blinkblade (me) – recently promoted to level 4
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 4
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 3
  • Drifter (Tomek, our new companion) – level 3

Let us see how it went!

Session report

So here you have our scenario:

Two, black dots below the adventure name means this is medium complexity; the goal objective is very straightforward – or at least it seems so as sometimes it might develop into completely new task. All in all should be a good starting point for Tomek.

As always, picture being worth a thousand words, let us follow a photo-rich session report.

PS. Feel free to click on below images for full details.

Scenario #5 set-up – we see four Ice Wrights awaiting us. Those nasty monsters are Melee in Elite and Ranged in Normal forms, plus they can dynamically change them! Good that there is only one more room – so let us start!
We sticked into the monsters – not without problems as they were Shielded or had Retaliate. The Poison or Wound de-buffs helped greatly.
In the end we prevailed; the presence of Drifter was unvaluable – we really missed that tank at our forefront.
Second room was a bit crazy. There were four Algox Zombies (Frozen Corpses) and they were spawning in the corners. We had to destroy the altar to stop it and then clean the room. Told you, Frosthaven storyline really gets very interesting with each play!
Now, let me zoom today at some tricks Blinkblade – which I have pleasure to lead – can do. As you can see, I played top of “Experimental Adjustment” with bottom of “Kinetic Transfer”. All of this while “Double Time” was active. Effect? Four adjacent enemies suffered in total 16 damage. Those are the tricks Blink can do for ya!
The battle get truly brutal – we got so much Brittle (doubles the damage) and Immobilize from the monsters that it was hard to move! But the result was not in doubt – as Blink quickly get to altar and destroyed it so others can take care of the remaining monsters.
The scene of blood (frozen!) and carnage. And we successful, unlocking further two scenarios!

I would not call it piece of cake; still, scenario was reasonably ok especially for a new player. Proper usage of strengths of our characters – and avoiding their weaknesses – resulted in perfect composition which overcame all the obstacles.

Outpost Phase

Then we of course did the Outpost phase; as last time we finished really late, that session we had two such phases – before scenario (overdue one) and after it. This is what we did.

Completion of Scenario #5 unlocks two paths – with scenario #9 “Gloving Catacombs” and #10 “Crystal Enclosure” respectively. Our campaign maps starts to look better and better 🙂
As for the buildings, we upgrade the craftsman and constructed boat. The latter one really opened up couple of scenarios for us!
And here comes the thing – CHARACTER RETIREMENT is a part of Outpost phase now. And that exactly happened to my Blinkblade – he met so many persons during the Outpost Phases that he become a true Team Builder!


That was an interesting scenario, new companion in our group and… first retirement! I admit, I will be missing that crazy Blinkblade, with all those time tokens, Fast and Slow turns and incredible palette of possibilities to inflict damage and pain. Pity I did not manage to play till Level 9 but new characters await! And it already from the next scenario!

See you in next Session Report!