In our journey through the world of Frosthaven we ventured pretty deep into one of the Lurkers campaign sub-branches. Very difficult one, full of Fiend Shrieks, collapsing bridges and peculiarly dangerous enemies. Still, we are getting to the end of the story and final clash with the source of the evil in the Radiant Forest.

Our Frosthaven Campaign in chronological order: 
#1 Town in Flames
#2 Algox Scouting
#4 Heart of Ice
#7 Edge of the World
#13 Frozen Fjord

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Again, our merry company gathered for this exciting engagement in following set-up – note we have everybody on Level 2 already and more promotions are to come:

  • Blinkblade (me) – level 2
  • Banner Spear (Kuba J) – level 2
  • Geminate (Kuba G) – level 2
  • Drifter (Konrad) – level 2

Session report

With our team ready and steady we approached Scenario #32:

Another pretty tricky scenario with interesting special rules. First and foremost, we need to get rid of Fiend Shrieks nest. But in the first room we have group of Zombie-Algox monsters; not particularly powerful or quick. So where is the trick? Well, if you do not deal at least 1 damage per turn to such creature, it will transform into Elite Fiend Shriek with full health. And believe me, this is not something you would like to face. Especially on Hard Difficulty!

PS. Feel free to click on below images for full details.

Set-up of Scenario #32 – first room full of Frozen Corpses (six of them!) and then two rooms. Or one?..
Initially, at the onset of our campaign, I thought that I will fight with my Blinkblade mainly in melee, with single, powerful blows. But where this great character shines are the area effects – which oftentimes I repeat with Short Rest just to deal maximum damage once again.
We did it – none of Algox-Zombies transformed into Elite Fiend Shriek. All of them were laying dead while we were simply looting whatever was left.
Ok, first room cleared and what we have in second and third? Wait, what? This is one, large room with three nasty Harrowers and huge ROOST spawning Elite Fiend Shriek? And it has like 60 HPs to destroy it?
Well, that indeed was not an easy task to handle. We had to run through the whole room to get to the target; that was under constant attacks from Harrowers…
and rapidly growing number of Elite Fiend Shriek. Things were getting critical…
…so we focused only on target, neglecting the enemies and our health. And it worked – victory!
As one of the trophies we got that very interesting item – used in proper circumstances can be pretty deadly!

That was some achievement – we pushed so quickly forward and played so aggressively that it took us no more than 90 minutes to conclude. But honestly, there were moments of doubt if we can make it.

Outpost Phase

Now, to the Outpost Phase, to resolve event (we got random scenario!), update the Campaign Diagram, enhance the Settlement and maybe buy some materials. Let us see main developments:

Beautifully! We finished the whole branch of scenarios; now it wil be question where to move next – build sleigh or boat and continue with Lurkers, come back to Algox or maybe start an new path with Mechanical Machines?
As for the construction phase, we decided we have enough buildings and it is time to increase defenses by strengthening the walls.

On top of all the goodies mentioned so far, we received also access to two, very interesting side scenarios – we will not follow-up on them immediately, as they evidently seem like a tough ones and not providing resources we need right now for outpost upgrades; still that will be good place for future experience and gold collecting .


We concluded the first sub-branch of Lurkers campaign path. That was not an easy feat to achieve, especially since the difficulty and complexity of scenarios were gradually increasing. Still, we had a great satisfaction – and my Blinkblade another promotion – so it was definitely worth it. Stay tuned for another report from fascinating world of Frosthaven!