With the Frosthaven Kickstarter campaign in a full swing, I am continuing my articles regarding the starting classes descriptions. Last week I presented Inox Drifter, Quatryl Blink Blade and Harrower Geminate. Today the turn is for another three characters – Human Banner Spear, Valrath Deathwalker and Aesther Necromancer.

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One reminder here – I am playing Frosthaven demo on Tabletop Simulator thanks to which I have access to all below details, pictures, cards, perks, etc. I strongly encourage you to also try it!

And now, again let us have a look what new characters Isaac Childres prepared for us!

Human Banner Spear

Banner Spear play mat

Humans are resilient race. Ever met with tragedy and war, humans have preserved throughout the ages to become the most prolific civilization, reaching across the continent in search of the new conquests. But conquering the north is much more difficult and deadly. There are forces here, both known and unknown, that are best left undisturbed, but such things have not stopped humans in the past.

At the head of this thrust into the frozen unknown are the Banner Spears – tireless warriors forever in search of glory and honor at the behest of the capital city of White Oak. Frosthaven has no need of pride though. Cut off from the order they hold dear and faced with the harsh realities of the north, Banner Spears are forced to reevaluate what truly matters. Will they give up everything to protect the outpost, or will they flee from the face of chaos and destruction?

All basic cards available to that character
Level 2-4 cards, available with Frosthaven demo
Banner Spear perks

My comment:

Interesting race – very decent health, some good melee attacks so you might think that could potentially be a front-liner. It might, however, let us not forget that we have here also ability to enable other party members to perform some actions, creates elements, use range capabilities. To some extent it reminds me of Sunkeeper from Gloomhaven.

While versatile, this is still pretty regular and non-controversial character, good to be lead by players with no experience in Gloomhaven world. As such, probably it will not be my starting class.

Valrath Deathwalker

Deathwalker play mat

No race is more ill-suited for the northern climate then the Valrath, who make their homes far to the south in the Rd Desert. There was once a great war in that region, as humans fought back against the Valraths’ northern expansion. The two races have since made peace and the Valtraths in particular have forsaken their barbaric, bloody ways. In more recent times, they have focused on economic strength over physical.

There is a saying among the Valrath: “In order to survive the cold, one must have a cold soul”. This is apt for Deathwalker – a nomad bent on atoning for the Valrath’s past sins by entrusting the souls of the dead find rest. Wherever great tragedy falls, a Deathwalker is usually not far behind, and their presence is Frosthaven does not bode well for the struggling outpost.

All basic cards available to that character
Level 2-4 cards, available with Frosthaven demo
Deathwalker perks plus rules regarding its Shadow Markers

My comment:

I will be quite honest – I really like the graphic for Deathwalker. And those dark, black cards are very thematic for somebody who brings death and carnage. My favorite character in Gloomhaven – Doomstalker – was a similar tool of  destruction, also using  mechanic with special tokens.

In case of Deathwalker we have so called Shadow tokens, which in combination with some cards can have a very nasty effects on the opponents. You can have up to 5 them on the board at the same time and they allows you to strengthen attacks, perform some specific actions, deal damage to enemies, etc.

This is definitely a character who will need some play to get experience. I must admit I am very tempted – both from the thematic perspective (bringer of Doom), abilities and mechanics. Well, time will tell whom I will chose!

Aesther Necromancer

Necromancer play mat

Aesthers were once human, but a tragedy long ago caused them to lose their physical form, scattering it across the infinite planes. Those who willed their psyche back together returned to a world they no longer recognized, and so, they left, travelling the planes in search of knowledge and other, darker things. Occasionally they return, but their purpose are inscrutable, and their methods bewildering.

Aesthers draw energy from the planes, and are able to tap into the wells of life found in other planes and infuse it into living things on this one  – or at least things that were once living. Invariably, some of the Necromancer’s own life  force is transferred, as well. Necromancers go mad through the constant push and pull of life and death, but some are capable of taming the wild energy, allowing them to perform unimaginable feats.

All basic cards available to that character
Level 2-4 cards, available with Frosthaven demo
Necromancer perks

My comment:

I know that many players were waiting for Necromancer – including one of my Gloomhaven group members. However, that race is not for me – simply, I do not like to play with summons.

Still, when you look through the cards you can see that it can be a powerful adventurer – especially with horde of its minions and cards like “activate all summons and move / attack with them“. Most probably it will take a time to build-up the army of dead through the scenario but I can imagine Necromancer rushing into final room with like 4-5 skeletons assisting him 🙂


That concludes short presentation of 6 starting Frosthaven characters. I have my favorites, out of which I will choose the initial one for me – either Blinkblade or Deathwalker. What do you think and which of 6 adventurers will potentially start your journey into the world of Frosthaven?