The second edition of fantastic GMT’s naval game, Atlantic Chase, is being shipped worldwide just as I am writing those words. I was one of the lucky one’s who received the first edition – just a reminder, that full first printing sold out within a month! It is good that we are getting this back to the stock – I wrote pretty detailed review, praising the innovative system as well as breadth and depth of design.

Still, in order for the new players to seamlessly familiarize with the system I am presenting the set of materials I created when the game was initially published. I hope they will be useful also for seasoned players, wiling to refresh their knowledge of the game!

Basic Teach & Play

Let us start with basic Teach & Play material. As a pretext I am using Solo Blockade #1 scenarioRaiders of the North Atlantic. My goal is to shortly demonstrate the flow of the game, key actions and dependencies. There will be a lot of rules explanation, digressions how they are incorporated into the overall gameplay and also some comments / opinions from my side.

You will learn about such fundamental aspects like Trajectory, Reorganize and Completion Actions. You will familiarize with critical concept of Time Lapse as well as how to Seize Initiative. Of course, the Air Strike, Skirmish and Battle will also be discussed to present the brutal face of the game. Enjoy!

Playing Solo Scenarios

So you got enough fluency with the rules to be able to implement them with (almost) no rulebook usage? Good, let us put those skills now to the test! I find Norwegian Solo Scenarios as perfect for such purpose, quickly, easily replayable and teaching all core game rules. Below three of them which will guide you through the further learning process.

Advanced Battles Rules

Now, when you played multiple solo and two-player scenarios you think you are content and know the game inside out? Wrong, not yet! Many players stop at this stage, depriving themselves of opportunity to touch one of the best elements of the game – Advanced Battles Rules. This adds so many additional layers to the actual ship battles, making them much more interesting and not so similar one to another. At the same time, the new rules do not add too much time or complication to the play. Definitely try them – and below of course some materials which will help you!


Atlantic Chase will not give you hours of fun – it will provide you with tens of hours of enjoyment, excitement and awe! Whether you plan to play it solo or two-player, individual scenarios or campaign, regular or advanced battle rules (with my emphasis on latter) – you shall not be disappointed. And when you add how beautiful the components are, how fantastic it feels to take a wooden piece and build a trajectory – your joy will be full!

If you would like to see the whole playlist of my teaching materials for that great title, please have a look at below link:

Also, please make sure to equip yourself with top-notch storage solution which will make the play even more enjoyable: