That is always a very difficult article for me to write. New year, new publications, hopes and anticipations. What to choose for relatively short list of titles I am anxiously waiting for in 2023? How to avoid temptation of putting too many on the list – or worse, getting them all! My wallet might not survive it.

Still, I think I did a pretty decent job of limiting my wish-list to “just” 8 titles. It is a very versatile list of both complex and relatively easy-to-play designs. From ancients times (Sparta) to a pretty modern era (presidency of US nowadays). From small publishing houses to key players on wargaming market. From my preffered 2-player ones, to multiplayer titles. All of this you can find below – enjoy!

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New to me – 2022

1) Mr. President: The American Presidency, 2001-2020 from GMT Games 

Mr. President is a solitaire game about governing as the President of the United States. It’s not an election game. It begins after you’ve been elected. It’s about sitting in The Chair and trying to advance your agenda while navigating ongoing crises, political enemies, public opinion, your relations with Congress and the press, and keeping your country secure in a world of rival nations and agendas that just seems to keep blowing up around you.

Mr. President is a resource management game, where you never have enough resources to achieve your entire agenda, and the path you take through an always unpredictable storyline rests on the choices you make. Depending on the results of those choices, and on the unfolding of a “different every game” story, you’ll either be thinking “POTUS? Piece of Cake!” or “Why was it that I WANTED this job?” many times in each game.


I am really looking forward to this very interesting solitaire title – and checking the printing schedule of GMT, we should get it in 2023! My curiosity is additionally spiced up by the session reports published on Inside GMT blog, which are giving great level of details what we can expect from this game. And how fitting it is for solo play – in the end, being a President, you are making all the final calls yourself!

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2) Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261 from GMT Games 

Tuscany, 1259. As wealth from crafts and foreign trade elevated northern Italy’s urban families above the landed lords, rivalries within and among their cities hardened into conflict between two great parties. Ghibellines aligned with the Hohenstaufen imperial dynasty that ostensibly ruled Italy, while Guelphs backed rival imperial claimants and the greatest challenger to each Emperor’s authority, the Pope. Should any faction gain advantage, others coalesced to resist.

Inferno—the third volume in Volko Ruhnke’s Levy & Campaign Series—fires up the cauldron 13th-Century Tuscan warfare, factional conflict fueled by the gold florins and teeming populations of up-and-coming cities and well-to-do valleys. Expert Italian wargame designer Enrico Acerbi brings the age to life within Volko’s accessible medieval-operation system. Gathering transport and provender may not be as much the challenge here as the sudden treachery of rebel towns and castles along key roads. Italy’s plundering berrovieri horsemen, famed elite crossbowmen, and distinctive palvesari shield bearers are just a few of the unique inhabitants of this volume. Muster, mount up, and find out whose blood will make the Arbia run red!

GMT page

Another of GMT’s titles and one which is just behind the corner! I am anxiously awaiting delivery of this position – the detailed session report I had privilege to host on my blog gave me pretty decent insight into what to expect. And having experience with Almoravid, I am counting to receive graphically astonishing product. Can’t wait!

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3) The Halls of Montezuma from Fort Circle Games

Following the annexation of Texas by the United States in December 1845, war between the United States and Mexico became inevitable. From 1846-1848, the two countries fought a bloody and bruising war culminating in Mexico surrendering significant territory to the United States.

The Halls of Montezuma tasks two players to recreate this pivotal war in American and Mexican history. As the United States, you will be tasked with taking California and invading Mexico while facing mounting political opposition at home. As Mexico, you will be forced to fight a defensive war of attrition against the better trained and led American troops.

Publisher Page

This game is in works for some time but in the end getting the final shape. I am really looking forward to see continuation of the “Marines” series by Kevin Bertram and their another noticeable involvement in history. This also gives me an insight into part of history I was oblivious to – and you know, for me as much as mechanics, historical context and theme are extremely important. Hope to see this published in 2023!

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4) Total War: ROME: The Board Game from PSC

Total War: ROME – The Board Game captures the essence of the video game and allows up to four players to play as the leaders of Rome, Carthage, Greece, and Gallo-Germania, covering the time period from 250 BCE to 50 BCE. The base game can be played in under three hours, with planned expansions that will allow players to dive deeper into managing battles emulating the video game further.

PSC page

I love Total War Video Games franchise – played extensively Shogun, Rome, Imperial or Napoleon. So when I learned about the project – while suspicious at first as with every Digital to Analog transformation there is a huge risk of “overdoing” the game – I went through materials and decided this is really promising title. There is a good balance of what can be presented on board and calculated / coped with by players as in comparison to the computer game. When I am writing this post, we have good probability it will be published and shipped in 2023 – and having seen the prototype on Essen 2022 Spiel, I am sure it is worth waiting!

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5) SPARTA!: Struggle for Greece from Plague Island Games 

In SPARTA! command Athenians or Spartans in a battle to rule the Greek world. Achieve dominance and control valuable regions that grant unique benefits – be it the wealth of Sicily, the fleets of Corinth, or alliances with larger cities like Thebes or Syracuse to provide fresh recruits for battle. You might even rally the Persians and Macedonians to your side.

March armies and sortie fleets to raid enemy territories. Siege valuable cities, and engage your foes in fierce battles. Steel your nerves when you enter the fray of battle, as it is bloody and swiftly resolved using an elegant card-based system. Lead your forces with legendary characters such as Pericles and Cleon. Each leader has a unique ability, be it combat prowess or cunning diplomacy. Characters may become experienced— flipping the leader to their upgraded form with a more powerful ability. Balance diplomacy, economy, and military might in this card-driven game of historic conflict! The Splendour Of Greece Is Yours For The Taking!

Campaign Page

Before I back any new wargame on Kickstarter, I am doing pretty thorough research – including what other fellow bloggers write about particular position. This was exactly the case with Sparta! – a pretty interesting and nicely designed 1-2 player title. When the campaign was launched, that title seemed as most complete but on the other hand – the deepest in strategy and tactical dimension (well, KS games sometimes try to hide it shallowness with… beautiful components and plastic figures!). Hope to get it soon!

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6) Undaunted: Battle of Britain from Osprey Games

The RAF faces the Luftwaffe in this two-player deck-building game of aerial WWII combat. Summer, 1940. The German war machine has rolled through the continent in less than a year, crushing all before it. Britain is all that stands in the way of German victory in Europe. Command the pilots of the battle-tested Luftwaffe who are looking to extinguish all resistance and pave the way to invasion, or the resourceful and determined RAF opposing them at every turn.

Undaunted: Battle of Britain is a standalone game in the Undaunted series, adapting the core gameplay of the previous games to recreate the dynamic dogfighting of aerial combat. Maintain cohesion between your pilots, evade anti-aircraft artillery, and leverage talented aces to win the battle for the skies!

Osprey Games Page

You do not have to convince me to a new title in Undaunted series. Mainly, because each installment after base game brings something new – vehicles, solo and team mode, campaign and now engagements in the skies. That makes each title a completely different experience although strongly rooted in the core mechanics.

This is also one of those entry games, which allows me to share that great hobby with my 8 & 10 years old kids. And this is definitely reason worth underlying – Undaunted can be a great gateway for all the young adepts of boardgaming. Can’t wait to see the game published!

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7) Coalitions from PHALANX

Coalitions brings the whole continent of the Napoleonic Wars into a fast, playable system. Multiplayers—with NO downtime. Each turn, EVERY player is doing something… but doing something ‘different.’ This sets up an unexpected cycle like nothing you’ve ever played before. Cool wooden pieces, or a “Deluxe” version with some of the most beautiful miniatures you’ve ever seen. Kickstarter backers get exclusive sculpts, an extra player expansion, plus an extra game covering a slightly different period!

Kickstarter page

PHALANX is known for graphically outstanding games, mainly new editions of great classics, with enhanced mechanics and components. But of course we are getting also some new designs – and here there is a very intriguing title. No downtimes? Every player performing different action in a turn? And all this set-up in Napoleonic age? It truly seems like a great concept. Of course, there are dozens of addons but the core mechanics seems so innovative that I will need to check this game. And hopefully already in 2023!

More about game:

8) Archie’s War: The Battle of Guadalcanal from Worthington Publishing, LLC

In the solitaire game you are Alexander “Archie” Vandegrift, commander of the 1st Marine division tasked with holding Guadalcanal against the Japanese. Your Marines are tough but isolated as the Japanese build up around you. Your biggest asset is Henderson Field, a small airstrip that gives you control of the sea lanes during the day; at night, the Japanese sneak in boats with men and supplies, and sometimes bombard the field directly. You must weigh the various threats against you and defend the island until relief comes.

In the two-player game you take the role of the Japanese commanders, trying to take back Guadalcanal or of Vandegrift, the American commander, trying to hold on to Henderson Field. The status of Henderson Field depends primarily on the state of the runway, which the Americans are constantly trying to improve while the Japanese bombard it by air, land, and sea. As the Japanese player your troops slowly arrive, and it is difficult to build enough force to gain a clear advantage. Also, the Marine artillery and light tanks with Vandegrift are a decisive factor when they are able to engage in battle. You must always use the jungle and fog of war to hide your troops as they maneuver for attack against the Marine perimeter around Henderson Field. Also, you have one advantage, your navy, which can bombard the Marine positions. As Vandegrift, you must protect the airfield from Japanese attack and bombardment. If they are able to close in and bring their artillery into range of the airfield all is lost.

Kickstarter Page

I had a lot of fun with both Guadalcanal: Solitaire – An Original Bookgame (title which tells the same story) and Tarawa 1943 (position which uses similar mechanics) to hope for a piece of very interesting design from Archie’s War. Worthington gets pretty proficient with their solo design, especially ones based on tower defense mechanics. However, here we are also getting 2-player mode, which definitely tipped me to support this initiative. Based on latest reports we should get this still in 2023 so I count I wil be able to share my impressions pretty soon!

More about game:


The eight proposed titles in reality only scratches the surface of what will await us in 2023. The wargaming industry – after the pandemic hiccup – is definitely back to a great performance and the number, or rather multitude, of titles being announced everyday is enormous. Still, in this variety I hope above list will help you navigate a bit 🙂

And what are yours most anticipated games of the current year?