The New Year session in Combat Commander Europe (see here: [ENG] Combat Commander for New Years Eve!) really induced me to play more of that fantastic game. We had planned one more scenario with Konrad but did not managed during the Christmas Break. Thus special, mid-week meeting to plunge once more into that genial tactical level WWII game.

I am still playing Tournament Pack scenarios, which came together with other games as part of my large GMT Sale package. The fire-fights are very balanced, demands your full concentration and gives a lot of fun. This time we unwrapped #10Barbarossa Unleashed.

Ok, let us start. First of all, our initial disposition – it is important to note that we had 3 open chits, which doubled exit points, doubled kill points as well as gave victory for control of all objectives :


And the the dynamics of the game – first the high level map with the actions marked, and below detailed explanation of what happened with some close-ups:


(1) Both sides – which deployed simultaneously – rushed forward to occupy best places.

(2) Fortunately for me, I managed to intercept the Germans quickly running toward objective 3 & 4 and was able to break both of them and eliminate finally one.


(3) I am trying to use this success and sneak around broken Germans, but they recover, and using sate-charge and superb roll (6+6) kills both my units 😦

What a nasty surprise, they had Fire order..

(4) Fortunately, some units survive and I manage to exit two units twice, each for 4 VPs.

(5) Then Konrad moves forward on the other side bringing significant forces, but actually he gives me a really good target to shoot. All Germans are dead…


(6) But then my luck finishes (for time) and I am being overrun by last German group, my super leader killed and forces dispersed. And then sudden death roll finally (it was on 9 and we were rolling from 6) finished game…

Wow, the game ended just when I needed this – if you look at my losses (two leaders!) and situation on map a few more German successes and VP point would move to the other side:


The game, as always, proved to be a lot of fun. Can’t wait for another Tournament Pack scenario!