You can prepare for celebrating the New Year in many ways but one of the best is by planning the boardgames. During our “end-of-year” boardgames convent (which we held every year since 2009) today I had pleasure to play Combat Commander. We played the Scenario Three from Tournament Pack #3 A midnight Clear.

Short action report below:

Initial set-up
Germans storming the Objective 2
The full session report

(1) Of course, we both run for objective 2. Unfortunately, it took 3 rounds of discards before I could do it.

(2) Then I followed up with the offensive (as you may see on above pictures). I even took over Objective 2. I was one US casuality from my automatic victory.

(3) However, Konrad was quick to react and moved everybody into the woods. He recovered some eliminated units and now it was he he was 1 GER casuality from vcitory.

(4) I tried to put reinforcements into action and barely managed to. And when I was just planning for inevitable US advance (I had amassed already 3 ambushes) the Suddent Death roll showed that we finished game.

What is interesting, the VP marker was on zero, so it seems we had a draw in our game. First one ever! I love those quick, action-packed and exciting CCE scenarios!

That is all for 2018! I wish all of you Happy New Year!