When you have an appetite for an exciting WWII-themed game on tactical level, where you do not care too much about luck factor and some randomness but great fun is your main goal, then the Combat Commander series is an obvious choice. I simply love this title, it twists and turns, events, secret objectives, varied forces on both sides, etc. With Konrad and also with Kuba we played already pretty many of CCE games and today I have a pleasure to present session report from another one.

Some of our Combat Commander firefights:
#1 Fat Lipki
#3 A Midnight Clear
#4 Closed for renovation
#6 One Steppe Beyond
#8 Breakout Dance
#10 Barbarossa Unleashed
#11 Hold the Line

Scenario “#6 Paralyzed from the West Down” describes the events from the Operation Overlord – exactly in a city of St. Mere-Eglise, where surprised German line troops try to repeal the counter-attack of elite US Parachute Regiment. Wehrmacht starts with 1 order per turn, increasing by one each “Time!” event, up to three.  Allies had a lot of units, very well equipped and on elite level. Who would prevail?

Scenario set-up – Konrad (USA) enters from top, two hex deep while my surprised Germans, who control all objectives, has to repel the attack (click image to enlarge)
A sniper is always a dangerous situation; this time he got Lt. Wray! (click image to enlarge)
Now, that is a great event – German reinforcements – MG42 enters the game! (click image to enlarge)
Well, the idea to put the MG in that building was great but Konrad had very good rolls for attack. Will they hold? Will I draw Recover in the end? (click image to enlarge)
Lt. Wray was really unfortunate fellow.  He was spotted by sniper and then tripped over an entrance to the building and was outright killed… A tremendous loss for US (click image to enlarge)
Hm, that blaze started very thematically in the factory but dangerously closed to my unit and objective point!  (click image to enlarge)
Not surprisingly Konrad advanced on me. I was sure to die (Konrad rolled 8) but I also activated sniper and you know what, he hit attacking American! In the end we killed each other…  (click image to enlarge)
We had blaze many times in our scenarios, but never so extensive! What is more, one of my defending units was burned alive! (click image to enlarge)
Situation mid-game. Germans keep hold of four objectives, US troops have one. The causalities on both sides are staggering and the end result is pretty open.(click image to enlarge)
Yeah! The poor Lt. Wray comes back onto the board on the random hex. Only to be killed by MG42 fire the next turn… He is definitely the weakest point on US side in that scenario…(click image to enlarge)
US troops lost also another leader and were left with only one. Fortunately, the field promotion puts one of the privates on the board. (click image to enlarge)
Just when Konrad and his US troops started to recover, we reached Turn 6 and a Sudden Death roll finished the game.  (click image to enlarge)
The result was a decisive German victory (19 VP). The loses were huge on both sides and three more units o killed on German side would force my surrender (click image to enlarge)

That was very exciting game, with surprising blaze, Lt. Wray being anti-hero of the game and tons of interesting events which as always spice-up the CCE games! More will come!