Scenario: #6 One Steppe Beyond

Another of our mid-week meeting with Konrad resulted in… another Combat Commander Europe game! We still play Tournament Battle pack and find the scenarios very balanced and interesting. I especially like the hills in the maps and below scenario – One Steppe Beyond – features those. Please find short after action report – done in a photos with short comments style. Click if you would liek to enlarge the image.

The set-up – I am taking Germans, Konrad USSR
The hills and hedges gives protection so we try to maneuver around one-another
Inevitably, in the center a large fire fight ensues; I am in deep problems for some time but in the end hero and the height helps to get the upper hand over Commies
And the summary of our game; Germans took rather defensive position, with some moves on right wing while Russians – initially with great success – attacked in the valley. In the end, the Germans stood fast and repelled the attack, winning the game with points by Sudden Death roll.

More CCE reports will come!