We continue familiarizing with Conflict of Heroes – Storms of Steel game by playing already 3rd scenario from the Mission Book. Previous two – #1 The Courier’s Satchel and #2 Twilight’s Last Gleam – taught us the basics of the game. We also get to know the spent unit mechanics and CAP – which we find a very interesting method to implement uncertainty in the game.

Our CoH: Storms of Steel campaign:
#1 The Courier’s Satchel
#2 Twilight’s Last Gleam
#3 Wind or Sniper?
#4 Sovkhoz 158
#7 Wounded Tiger

Today’s skirmish – #3 Wind or Sniper? – brings rules about group movement, invisible units, snipers and engineers. Sounds like a fun – and definitely it was. Even more suspense, bluffing and possibility to surprise the enemy.

Historical background (based on Mission Book)

The Kursk battle has started – it is July 1943 and enormous Nazi and Soviet forces struggle for victory. The Panzer Grenadier Division ‘Gross-Deutschland’ has fought its way to the edge of the village of Cherkasskoye (visible below on the map). German engineers moved  forward to clear a path through the Soviet minefield. At the same time, at the edge of the village, elements of the Soviet 67th Guards Rifle Division – who must hold on until their battle force arrives – counter-attack. The Mission begins with Soviet snipers and German machine gunners picking off anything that moves! Enjoy below photo-session report!

Session report

I will lead the Red Army – entering from the south of the map, while Kuba will lead the defending Germans. Somewhere on the map there are hidden Soviet Snipers and German elite units…
Caution is important, but even more making sure that the large Soviet force gets to the position where they can fire. As long as it is possible I hid my units behind the obstacles but then I have to enter open terrain…
Both MG42 are focusing now on my large pack of troops, so its seems that this is ideal opportunity to strike with the sniper! And so he does, killing one of the dreaded German Machine Guns.
Losses in such a big mass of troops are inevitable; however rolls like “2” are not helping Kuba.
Turn 1 summary: Already one casuality on Kuba (German side). Both my Soviet snipers activated as well as German hidden units. Next turn will be very exciting!
Turn 2 summary: very bloody and it seems decisive part of the game; I lost 3 units, including the sniper but it was worth it – Germans have now also 3 causalities (both their hidden units killed this turn) and being on par with enemy as far as losses are concerned is exactly what each Red Army commander strives for!
The next turn is more calm – mainly due to losses on German side. Their engineer is being killed by concentrated Soviet firs.
Turn 3 summary: both sides lost 1 unit – and only one broken German MG42 is now defending the village. The result of the skirmish is decided.
Turn 4 summary: only a formality, as first Red Army salvo kills the the weakened MG42 outright. Full Soviet victory!

That was much more one-sided game then our previous two scenarios. The losses on both sides were almost equal which was disastrous for the Germans. Red Army snipers – well placed and firing with proper cards enhancement – managed to inflict crucial losses on best Wehrmacht units – MG42. The luck also played a role as USSR units usually were able to hit without problem, while Germans had problem to nail down the target in the even most obvious circumstances.

More session reports will come – thank you!