With Jakub we continue our campaigns in Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel 3rd edition. The scenario #4 Sovkhoz 158 – just like the previous one – introduces and focuses on the hidden units rules as well as group actions. The actual set-up of the counters is completely free – thus making the scenario very re-playable and exciting. How did it go this time? let us see!

Our CoH: Storms of Steel campaign:
#1 The Courier’s Satchel
#2 Twilight’s Last Gleam
#3 Wind or Sniper?
#4 Sovkhoz 158
#7 Wounded Tiger

Historical background (based on Mission Book)

The Kursk battle has started – it is July 1943 and enormous Nazi and Soviet forces struggle for victory.  Despite initial success, the German 106 Corp’s efforts to clear Soviet threats to their southern flank proceed slowly. A platoon of Panzer Grenadiers has been detailed to secure the main supply road leading through Sovkhoz 158, where a supply convoy had been ambushed. Enjoy below photo-session report!

Session report

Initial deployment of forces (plus 2 hidden units on Red Army side). I am leading Soviets, Jakub is responsible for Germans. It was free set-up and while my SMG is covering very well the woods, the units in the farm to the left will prove to be too much exposed.
Just when I realized it was not the wisest thing to be in the wooden building, facing four German grenadiers…
Turn 1 summary: I lost my first unit – in the above mentioned wooden building. Also, my sniper activated and focused fire on the German MG42. He broke him but did not manage to kill… Which was a fateful as we shall see…
German MG42 and my Sniper were exchanging fire but in the end the sniper was killed…
At the same time Kuba stormed the village – again, one of my units was too much exposed and got killed. Wonderful…
Turn 2 summary: things went very bad for Soviets. Two additional units killed, Control Point taken over by Germans. Red army reinforcements arrived only to be broken by MG42. The only bright side is the hidden Soviet unit somewhere on the map…
Turn 3 summary: very peaceful turn. My reinforcements killed, my hidden units slowly moving across the map and Kuba firing like crazy at the Wheat Fields.
Surprise, surprise! Here he is – not near the farm but next to MG42! With double action, Close Combat and CAP modifiers my Rifles finally killed the so effective machine gun. And another card – once I dispatched German unit – allowed me to build a hasty defense!
All in vain, as concentrated German fire broke through the sandbags and the Hero of the Red Army was annihilated.
Turn 4 summary: with one final performance, the Red Army finished the scenario completely defeated. 3-0 in points for Germans (Kuba) and tons of Red Army causalities. They were too bold and too self-confident – thus were punished severely by systematic German fire. That scenario has a lot of potential for re-play.

The game – as always – was a great fun despite my mediocre performance 🙂 We plan next scenarios very soon so you can count on further session reports!