Another quarter passed and it is time to update my 2019 Boardgames Bucket list. What games were popular during my last three months of playing? Which were planned earlier and what were the unexpected entries to the list? Let us see below!

Bucket List => Quarter 1 Summary => Quarter 2 Summary

First of all the summary of the progress:

Progress after Q3 – jump from 39% to 59% – still a good result taking into the account limited time I was able to devote to boardgames lately

And now let us have a look at the main positions which allowed me to move forward with the challenge:

  • Altiplano – Traveler expansion – we finally had a chance to play that game with expansion and tests it. My feeling was that while the new rules were quite neat and interesting, they were mainly a gentle touch on the overall mechanics. Which is good – as I really like add-on to game which builds on their strengths rather then changing everything upside-down:


  • Root – Riverfolk & Lizard factions – I am a big fan of that game and already waiting for another expansion to it. Still, the Riverfolk and Lizard factions gave us  a lot of fun during a week holiday in July – we played 7 game sin 9 days!



  • Time of Crisis – one of my favorite positions, a real jewel in the light-wargames class. I am playing it whenever I have a chance and my game facing the bots was a great experience. I am also glad that my boardgamers group keeps that game in high esteem and that gives me assurance of many more sessions to come!


  • Paths of Glory – one of the wargames classics. That was actually my first real wargame and I spent a lot of great time with it – including full, 20-turn game. That past quarter I had a chance to play a new to us 1917 Scenario. That is a really great solution if you have limited amount of time for a session but still would like to play something more sophisticated than 3-turns Early War scenario. I wholeheartedly recommend it!


On top of this there were tons of session with kinder-games, but that particular class of games goes to the different list! Plus of course our never-ending Gloomhaven saga!

Thanks for reading!