Another quarter passed and it is time to update my 2019 Boardgames Bucket list. You may find the progress report after Quarter 1 in following link.

So, let us have a quick look at the fulfillment state of my ambitious goals after another three months (Q2: April-June):

Progress after Q2

Again – as no plan survives the contact with reality – there are some changes in the list, but all have to be 1:1 in order to keep the difficulty of the challenge unchanged:

  • Commands & Colors Medieval – being the ardent fan of that system, I simply cannot omit that new installment of the C&C in my list. The idea is to play at least 6 scenarios from the scenario-book, and the work already started as recently I have published Part 1 of Belisarius Campaign. For all interested in how the game looks like and the components, there is unboxing video prepared.
What a bloodbath! CCM at its best!
What a struggle it was… to become an emperor!

So, how did it went this time? Let me briefly comment:

  • Gloomhaven – in last progress report we had 3 scenarios played and after Q2 – it is already 12! Definitely, this is game I have spent most time in last three months and fully fulfilled the yearly goal. This is not surprising – it somehow got to the top of Boardgamegeek list, doesn’t it? Please, have a look at the latest report – Gloomhaven – #27 Ruinous Rift – from which you can quickly jump to other scenarios played!
Prime Demon – what a challenge it was!
  • The progress slowly moves forward as far as 878 Vikings: Invasions of England is concerned. We played with Kuba one-to-one game – Vikings conquering England! – and that was definitely much more challenging for English, as Vikings could coordinate its actions much better. Still, a reverse game is in front of us!
Ragnar at the front of the invasion – always a problem!
  • Fort Sumter had a really good quarter as its digital version was released by Playdek. Playing both version with my wife – Fort Sumter – playing digital and analog versions – not only allowed me to progress in the challenge, but also score points on home-front!!!
How she did it? 2 games won by my wife 🙂
  • As far as Cataclysm is concerned, we still progress with one of my online games while second was unfortunately abandoned – sounds like on of the players was not able to keep up with the pressure of the  possible – but at no point certain – defeat. the session reports will come of course!

Not bad, but some effort will be needed to catch-up with the schedule!