Well, yes, I decided to put my “wishes” for playing boardgames in 2019 in kind of bucket list – I am eager to play so many games that I thoughts it would be prudent and efficient to put this into some organized list. Bucket list. At least I would feel I am getting what I would like to do 🙂 All ideas into excel, defined number of plays, assumed scenarios, set-ups, etc. Yeah, that seems kind of “geeekish” but well, a person who have over 220 gameplays in 2018 is probably not a casual player… (open sentence intended… feel free to put your own thoughts / comments as those three dots are concerned).

I am mainly a Wargamer so really, you should not be surprised I am going to mainly focus on that kind of games. However, you would also find political and Euro positions. I will also do a bi-monthly or quarterly updates with progress towards completion. All games in Alphabetical order.

Bucket List.PNG
List of confirmed wishes for 2019!

And below some background behind the above choices.

878 Vikings: Invasions of England from Academy Games

I have still feeling I did not played enough of that game. Especially the expansions – so two plays – one with more basic rules and one with 3-4 expansions should change the balance.

Altiplano + Traveller expansion by Reiner Stockhausen from dlp gamesAltiplano

I will be getting the expansion pretty soon. That was definitely my favorite EURO game of 2018, enhanced us on Essen 2017 so I eagerly await the Traveler add-on

Cataclysm by Scott Muldoon & William Terdoslavich from GMT Games

I love that sandbox game and would like to play a full game (C1) scenario with new, updated rules – the talks are very intense on the forum so probably before we get definite version it will take some time. Which does not prevent me from playing already that fantastic game. Second planned session if for one of the scenarios.

Churchill by Mark Herman from GMT Games

I had pleasure to play a lot of Churchill, but now is time for tournament game (5 turns) with experienced player. Waiting for an occasion!

Combat Commander by Chad Jensen from GMT Games

Thanks to GMT Fall Sale I become owner of Tournament Battle Pack which is great – is has most balanced scenarios which are really tense and have a lot of “recon vs recon” set-ups. It will be a great addition to my already long list of AARs. At least 4 games in 2019 is minimum.

Falling Sky + Arviovistus by Volko Rhunke from GMT Games

So I had possibility to introduce quite a large group of people to Falling Sky (like here, or here) and new are still willing to play the game. So two session with basic set plus two with expansion sounds like a good plan.

Hannibal & Hamilcar by Mark Simonitch from Phalanx

That is one of those games where pretty decent number of session is behind me. But I still lack Hamilcar expansion gameplay. So at least two in this year is a must.

Here I Stand for 2 players by Ed Beach from GMT Games

Well, that is kind of the game from my “shame shelf” – I had it already for many years, played one 6 player game and couple of 3 player but what I always wanted to test was that special 2-player version. Playing as one side and then revers is plan for 2019.

Illusion of Glory by Perry R. Silverman from GMT Games

I had that game  from very beginning and even played it twice (here and here) but I will be quite honest – I was really put off by the errors, misprints, ambiguities. With the promised “fix pack” I hope to enjoy that game the way I can with Paths of Glory.

Julius Caesar by Grant Dalgliesh from Columbia Games

Ha, that game gave me so much fun – this is perfect combination of blocks, simple rules, tense game and great replayability. I thing coming back to it for another two session seems like great idea.

Hunt for Black Beard by Volko Rhunke from GMT Games

A new game from Volko? And you can test it before deciding for P500 pledge? Plus Pirates theme? well, I will be quite honest – that is exactly what I woudl like to try. At least two games will give me enough insight to feel the position.

Pericles by Mark Herman from GMT Games

2018 was pretty intense as Pericles is concerned – multiple people introduced to system, 1st and 2nd Peloponesian war played many times. But one thing is missing – full, 10 turn “Suicide of the Greece” scenario with full attrition rules. Can’t wait to find a time for such play.

Sekigahara by Matt Calkins from GMT Games

Another game from the GMT Fall Sale and another which I instantly loved. Only played it twice (session 1, session 2) but I want more! Two sessions in 2019 is minimum for me.

SPQR GBoH (Mark Herman) + CCA (Richard Borg) from GMT Games

That project always was on my mind – try to play the same battle once in GBoH system and then in Commands Colors Ancient. With new deluxe edition of SPQR I will finally try to fulfill that desire – at least three battle should be played in 2019 in both system!


The Great War – French Expansion by Richard Borg from PSC

That was greast, positive discovery of 2018 – which is clearly visible in my review. We played with my fellow boardgamer Marcin all Verdun scenarios. In 2019 the plan is for 6 Nivelle Offensive ones.

Tournament in Fort Sumter by Mark Herman from GMT Games

Last but not least – playing more of the Fort Sumter but in kind of tournament with my other fellow colleagues. I think 4 player one would be a good choice. Need to organize such.

Hm, I just screened through above list… Seems pretty vast – let me see what can be done – forst check after Q1 (Jan-March). It will show the progress.

There are of course also games I pre-ordered and am waiting for – however, as it is unlcear when they woudl eventually arrive, I will leave them from my list for now.

And now back to playing games 🙂 The list will not clear by itself!