So, some time ago I published my 2019 bucket list. After Q1 (January-March) it is time to have a look how am I doing in fulfilling my personal challenge! Please click below to enlarge for details:

Progress after Q1

The list – as usually in such situations – evolves – and two new positions were added to it:

  • Root subsection – after getting that fantastic game I added challenge to play each of the 6 races I have access to – from basic game and expansion


  • Gloomhaven – I simply cannot resist putting this into my bucket list after one of my colleagues purchased it and invited me to play!


So, how did it went? Let me briefly comment:

  • We continued with Combat Commander Europe, playing with Konrad – my main companion for this position. We are playing tournament pack scenarios, and two very balanced ones hit our table in Q1: #10Barbarossa Unleashed and #6 One Steppe Beyond.


  • As far as Cataclysm is concerned, I am currently playing two online games on Vassal – full scenarios (C1). Of course, it takes time – but in the meantime I found time to test C4 – Pacific War – scenario. That is really great fun and one of better depictions – on strategic level – of that campaign.


  • There was also chance to play for classics – first, I introduced two new player to Falling Sky, playing 54 BC – Pax Gallica scenario. Almost at the same time, I had opportunity to do another introduction – this time of Hannibal & Hamilcar, playing full Punic War scenario.


Not bad, and I am pretty satisfied with progress so far!