Recently I was browsing through my YouTube videos which I created as a report from largest, most epic and interesting sessions I played. One of them was a full (20 turns!) campaign in Paths of Glory. Today, I would like to share this experience with you – definitely, it will be one of most memorable events in my life!

I played a lot in Paths of Glory, introducing new players (here) and then training others (here). I really love this game. However, the problem always was two-fold: either we concentrated too much on operations (one of possible card usages), neglecting events and leading to mutual exhaustion of armies, eventual encirclement and end in 2nd or 3rd turn, or simply we did not have enough time to play full game. An opportunity come when my wife was away on trip, and Krzysztof and Marcin (my most ardent fellow wargamers) had a free weekend. We planned to play most of Friday afternoon /evening plus Sunday. I will not do a spoiler by stating that well, we did it – we managed to play the FULL, 20-TURNS GAME!

Ok, nice great play. But what would be the best way to tell the story for other? 20 screenshots and tons of text? That can be unbearable. Thus I come -up with an idea to create movie, with appropriate music which will underline most important events. I am really proud of it!

Just for the sake of the clarity, we played in following set-up:

  • Central Powers – Marcin
  • Western Allies – Michal
  • Eastern Allies – Krzysztof

And below the epic story which will be one of my proudest creations (it was created with Polish subtitles but I hope that should not be a problem) – I strongly suggest watching full-screen!:

What a game it was! 20 turns, 13 hours of game-play, epic moments when Turkey and Bulgaria collapsed, Russia was devastated but still Central Powers managed to achieve honorable defeat by points.

Let me also share some pictures taken during the game:

The board after 20th turn
Western Front close-up
Eastern Front close-up
Allied losses
Central Powers losses

I hope for more games like this – although, would be hard to find time for such a long game! Still, I enjoyed this enormously!