Our mid-week sessions with Jakub had a really long history – I think now it is almost ten years. There were times when we systematically played every week, but also times when we had some lounger breaks. Still, I think when it comes to statistics, he is one of my most often faced opponents, especially in 2-players games.

Lately, a lot of my and his time occupies Gloomhaven campaign (see more HERE) but we still found a time to play 1-2-1 – like Academy Games 878 Vikings for two players. Such set-up gives both sides full control of the game as well as speeds-up the game (which was also our goal – you cannot play too long in mid-week!).

Below I present to you short session report in the form of pictures depicting the developments of our 5-turn game:

Kuba will lead invading Vikings while I will defend with English. We will use Ragnar/Lagherta expansion as well as EPIC battles for Fyrd.
Ragnar ready to strike – he would be a devastating force through the game – also mainly due to the fact, that I read his special ability incorrectly (it is active in first round of battle, not all rounds…) Anyhow, let us face the enemy!
We played once like this – bold moves in first two rounds by Vikings to take London and Westminster. If played well, it really pays-off!
EPIC battles are drawn – not with great consequence to invaders…
So after two first turns Vikings made a tremendous progress in Southern England – very important, as these are the rich lands of the island.
While second Viking card was reinforcements, the third finally brought second leader – Ivar the Boneless
Turn three sees another progress by Vikings, new leader hitting in the North while Ragmar attacks West.
Ok, we play on. There is a stalemate (for a time) in central England – Ragnar is pretty low on army while large English forces awaits him.
Arghhh…, my so-well-planned attack on almost lonely Viking leader fails due to two important events… Happens…
Turn four sees another advancement of Vikings in North… AND surprised rebuild of English in South!
What is worse, Edward the Great – falls in battle… That is last piece to my disaster…
But despair no – the sweet revenge comes, and after focusing on Ragnar, I manage to kill him finally!
However, his wife counter-attacks and Vikings get last points needed for victory…
Turn five sees a lot of action, with English attacking from South (successfully), from Center with Edward (unsuccessfully). The game goes to Vikings.

That was quite fun game despite small error with Ragnar. What really put us off, were events – instead of being spice to the game, they were game-changers, or often, game-breakers. To be able to suddenly appear at the back of your conquered territory,m or kill whole armies in central England – that is really too much.

However, knowing what awaits (=events) us I think we will play again anyhow!