The moment has finally come – natural continuation to my favorite light-wargame arrived – completely new position which is Commands Colors Medieval (CCM)! Observing all those notification about deliveries in US I was anxiously awaiting when GMT EU Friendly distribution will kick off. Finally it did!

Below my short unboxing of CCM and couple of world s of commentary – mainly changes in comparison to CCA. Below follows picture from game components. Enjoy!

And now promised game components:

Victory banners, bow/no-bow markers as well as Inspired Leadership tokens
Sassanids – still to be stickered
Byzantine – still to be stickered
Dices – greatest improvement in all the CCM components
Terrain tiles – straightforward, functional and easy to use!
Section of board and first Byzantine blocks stickered

Ok, enough of how the game looks like. Now time to check how game plays – first meeting is already scheduled for this Friday and session reports will follow swiftly!