So I got Fort Sumter as a part of GMT 2018 Fall Sale and from the start got hooked by this short, nice and challenging game. I played already pretty extensively the “analog” version – mainly during New Year’s Eve convent with my wife which I was not able to beat despite multiple attempts. So when I heard GMT announcement about the digital version – and by Playdek company – I did not hesitated for moment and purchased.

Game 1 – digital version

We travel recently a lot so possibility to play bordgames on iPad is a huge improvement and great fun. I do not agree with people who states this is not real “play” – you have two people, board, game, great time – what else do you need!

So I started as Secessionist – always nice to have last move in 1st round
The game is very elegant, intuitive and nice to navigate. We just start round 1 of our game above!
You need to pay some attention to action during Crisis Dimension and Pivotal Spaces Bonus but most important button of every game (UNDO) is always there to help
We are just before round three. Seems like a draw but my position on the board as Secession is weak…
And so it ended as always so far – marginal but still victory of Magda.

Couple of observations regarding the digital version itself:

  • so far game seems not to have any bugs – which is really good indicator in first days after launch
  • graphics are great and music / sound not intrusive – although not so much great too; simply, the chatter / music in the background
  • it immediately allows for multiplayer, pass-and-play as well as play against AI -also, not always available in game-ports
  • we have helpful manual, tutorial and rules reference
  • application works very smoothly, the only glitch is very, very long waiting-time for AI moves; still, AI plays quite reasonable which is not so common

I think game definitely is worth its price. And Playdek again did a great job of moving GMT game to digital platform. I just wished they were responsible for CCA too…

Game 2 – Analog version

OK, so we played the digital version and my wife concluded that she now remembers rules well and would like to play “real version”. You do not hesitate even for a moment when your wife tells you “I want to platy boardgame”, so we immediately jumped to the table:

What can I say…

Well, umgh, well… That was another play with my wife which I lost – really I do not know how but evidently she has better planning or maybe not-planning) abilities then I do. Anyhow, that was very enjoyable evening spent in nice company!