My large stock of boardgames which came as a result of GMT Sale – see more here – is being gradually digested by me. I am playing intensively already in some ofg them and now time come for Fort Sumter. Let me start with this sahort unboxing video:

Below I am also presenting the components:

Nice, high-quality cards
Playbook, rulebook and components

Quick SOLO

Well, I had to test the game once I put my hands on it! As there was nobody to play – I absorbed rulebook / playbook in 15 minutes – I decided on solo game. Not very finesse or with some special strategy – just playing cards the way dictated by rulebook and observing the game flow:

This time – barely but still – the Secessionists has won!

This is really quick but deep game! Especially Final Crisis is a game changer and for sure a lot of games in front of me before I will learn best way to use it. Can’t wait for my firs game with other player – I have devious plan to convince my wife 🙂