Hi Guys,

I had to do pause with my solo games as I managed to finally gather my fellow board game colleagues and start first, training game of FS.

We decided to play 54 BC scenario:

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You would ask “why? it is the longest scenario!”. The reason is that in this scenario the whole Gaul is rather empty, with few pieces here and there and Romans in Britain. There is no immediate need to fight and confront each other (well, Caesar needs to find good winter spot, but this is not so difficult), time to learn special abilities, time to develop your faction. We thought it would be good for learning purposes and it was.

Although we played 1.5 years (we finished in the middle of second year) a lot had happened, and emotions were reach high levels!

So, what happened? As Always, I will depict it with map where I marked major moves and actions during the play:

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(1) First things first. Caesar and his legions moves from Britain to Atrebates and after some time, clears the region from Belgae elements, introducing their own allies

(2) Belage player at the beginning mainly plays Enlist, also using it in later stages (see where finally Germans traveled!) He tries to interfere into the struggle between Aedui and Arvernin over Mandubii region, but are forced to move to Treveri region finally.

(3) Romans manages to survive first Winter – to surprise of everybody, winter card comes as 6th, so the earliest possible. This is only possible due to fact that Aedui grants Supply Line.

Later, Romans again using the Supply Line from Aedui and Control , perform raid through Bituriges and Carnutes, building forts there. That was really surprising move, but effective one.

Finally, Romans landed in most contested territory – Mandubii. That region was controlled during the game by each fraction and Germans too!

(4) After initial difficulties (almost only Limited Commands, no Leader) Arverni migrated into western Gaul, occupying vast parts of Celtica. Mentioned above raid of Rome was aimed at stopping them – which partially worked.

(5) Finally, Belgae seeing that Rome is more occupied with Arveni now, attacked at Sequani – my Aedui forces were decimate (Belgae had Germanci Horses!), but Citadel withstood atack.

(6) My Aedui had hard life – being beaten by more powerful neighbors, managed to three times trade with great income with Rome, and had to start escape east to get some territories. Finally, I managed to control Sequani, Treveri and Ubii, but Belgae started to be a threat.

As a last step, Arveni devastated Mandubii (with Roman forces inside) and occupied Provincia.

Things were getting interesting but it was already too late. We finished at this moment – however, everybody was very eager to play further (“one more turn” syndrome). A lot of things might happen in next years but we will check it in different scenario.

Very nice and interesting game!

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